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3 months ago
4 months ago
So, you want a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 but you can’t justify the hefty price tag? I hear you, brothers and sisters. We want the smooth look, the flexibility of a tablet that can double as a laptop and the perks and refinements that made the Surface Pro 3 one of the most sought-after tablets this year. Microsoft heard you,...
8 months ago
A laptop by any other name is a laptop. Unless it’s a tablet. Or a gaming laptop. Or a workstation. Or a hybrid. Or a 2-in-1. Now that we bring it up, all laptops are not made the same. They can be modified or configured to match any need, and can be as unique as the consumer who buys them. What do you need your laptop for, some gaming? Maybe some light video editing (or even some heavy video...
by Kevin Bostic
8 months ago
One day, while you're putting the final touches on a big project and sipping your coffee—black, unsweetened, like nature intended it to be consumed—it dawns on you: you're working from home for a living, and you’re actually living. You've made it. Congrats! Now it's time to flesh out that dream and put the pieces in place to build the ultimate home workspace you never thought was possible. An...
8 months ago
Purchasing a laptop for yourself or a loved one this holiday season? It’s not an easy decision. You have to ask yourself what you need the laptop for—some heavy writing, with a little entertainment thrown in? How about some heavy graphic design with an emphasis on gaming? Or, how about you go all grown up and get a laptop that can handle a heavy workload, no frills included? The buzzword this...
9 months ago
When it comes to Mac computers, there are people who absolutely love them, and people who have the opposite opinion. You can say what you want about their operating system, their pricey hardware, their sleek, slightly elitist aesthetic—but the fact is, if someone were giving out free Macs, both kinds of people...
1 year ago

When the latest-version Mac Pro was first announced in June of 2013, it took many creative professionals aback. The radical departure from the boxy aluminum body we had come to know immediately created the love/hate response we expect from Apple enthusiasts at this point—some think the physical design is beautiful, while others regard it as a little black trash can.

1 year ago

Will the arrival of the new Mac Pro desktop system significantly impact the way we look at computing? Peek inside and look at how the new Apple Mac Pro will change audio, video and photography workflows with its powerful processors, generous RAM configurations and dual graphics controllers. 

1 year ago

This Week in the News:

  • Panasonic announced the new Super 35mm 4K VariCam 35 Cinema Camera
  • Roku is releasing the compact and affordable Roku Streaming Stick
  • Apple unveiled their CarPlay technology, which integrates the iPhone with automobiles