The New Mac Pro


Will the arrival of the new Mac Pro desktop system significantly impact the way we look at computing? Peek inside and look at how the new Apple Mac Pro will change audio, video and photography workflows with its powerful processors, generous RAM configurations and dual graphics controllers. 

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I can't wait to see it in action...

Looks like a "dream machine". VeryNice.

What are my plans for dealing with the new Mac Pro?

Having years of experience dealing with a 2009 Mac Pro and the manner in which Apple "supported" it, my plans for the new version are simple and straightforward: My company will stay as far away from this excrescence as possible.

I am interested in purchasing this mac

Save yourself a ton of money and build your own higher performing PC!

Just browsing the images, I had absolutely no idea what this product was at first.  Looks like spaceship!!  ;-p

A must -have for editing 4K ???

Hi Steve -

I believe this  is a "must have" for the best post production 4K work-flow.  Check out this article where we explore the reasons and the possibilities offered by this new computer:      

Pro Video and the New Mac Pro

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Wish I was young enough to afford another mortgage...Will have to make-do with my new 27" iMac... sigh.

 I am considering the Mac Pro for my last computer of my life.  Any suggestions as to how to configure the 2,999.00$ base comp.  would be appreciated.  I am an early adopter and would upgrade the base comp. to be future proof. My time horizon is 10 yrs..  

       Mark E. Felker

Hi Mark -

The base computer may be all you need now and in the future without any upgrades at all.  There really is no way to"future-proof" this or any computer.   This particular machine is a well thought out refinement and re-design based on years of experience with previous desktop Macs. Hardware and software advances over the next few years may necessitate replacement long before 10 years or even 5 years roll around.  Your application and day to day usage requirements are what drive your computing needs.  Trying to future-proof any computing device is a game that we will most likely lose.

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its really good machine and i really want to purchase it

Let's see it