When using Cat5E/6 cables, USB 2.0 has a maximum effectiveness range of only 15 feet―until now. The Muxlab extender kit uses a transmitter and receiver to extend cabled USB ranges to 328 feet (100m) over standard Cat5e/6 cables.

True USB 2.0 with data-transfer rates up to 480 MB/s are made possible with this unique kit, which is plug-and-play compliant―no drivers or additional software needs to be downloaded. It is also compatible with any operating system that recognizes the USB 2.0 protocol.

The units in the kit are wall mountable, and are housed in extruded aluminum for rugged reliability. Now you can use your hardwired USB devices (including security cameras and office printers) in any room in the extended range and still stay connected without having to rely on Wi-Fi, which can sometimes be unstable or unreliable. The kit includes a USB 2.0 cable and to separate power adapters.

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