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Data storage is big business these days. Everyone, from the hometown librarian to massive corporate entities, is always looking for a way to store, secure and aggregate their many data currents. One company, Overland Storage, offers a wide range of data management solutions that include NAS, SAN, tape libraries, VTL and now—clustered NAS scale-out technology—to help address those needs. With the vast amount of information that an individual accumulates, protecting your data means more than simply handing over your data structuring to a junior-league IT intern. Keeping your data in one place and secured is no easy feat. Some customers require vast migration of data over a short period of time, while others are looking for an expansive, yet simple, method of tracking and storing their data.

In either case, Overland Storage provides solutions that will fit your needs. The SnapServer DX1 4 Bay Server comes in 4TB and 8TB configurations, and includes many of the basic standards in network attached storage—large capacity, RAID 0, 1, 5, 6 and 10 modes, support for Dynamic RAID and enterprise-level 7200 rpm drives. But they also include a 1.8 GHz processor, 2GB of ECC Memory (upgradeable to 4GB) for failsafe operation and 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports for stable and quick data transfer. The SnapServer includes support for stand-alone, failover and load-balancing modes, and can be expanded with up to three SnapExpansion Chassis (optional 12-bay units, sold separately). It also includes block and file level access (for use as an NAS and/or a SAN) and is compatible with Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac systems.

The SnapServer DX2 12 Bay NAS Server does everything the DX1 does and much more, but has capacities ranging from 4-12TB. This scalable 2U Rackmount system includes a more powerful 2.4 GHz Intel quad-core processor, 4GB of DDR3 ECC memory (upgradable to 16GB), dual redundant power supplies and two Gigabit Ethernet connections (upgradable to 6 with the optional 4-port card). It also includes the same support for stand-alone, failover and load-balancing modes and a 6GB SAS interface. Regardless of the SnapServer DX Series configuration you choose, you’re getting the kind of advanced NAS features that help you make sense out of your data center.

With DynamicRAID, hard drives can be added or replaced at any time to grow existing storage pools. Volumes grow automatically as drives are added, simplifying the management and reducing the time required to adapt to changing storage requirements. For more long-term storage of a multitude of data streams, Overland also offers the NEO 100s LTO-5 Autoloader. These tape-based backup systems are perfect for backing up or retrieving data that is not accessed on a frequent basis (include archived company tax records, dated company registers or old, unused content). You can still remotely manage the data, but storage is handled with tape drives—simple, economical and square-footage friendly. Each 1U unit holds up to 27TB of data, which is why Overland also offers the NEO 100s LTO-5 Autoloader with 9-Slot Magazine & 10 Data Cartridges.

This autoloader supports nine LTO-5 tape drives, and includes 10 data cartridges. A smaller business may even want to consider the LTO-5 Ultrium Tape Drive, which has a storage capacity of 3TB, a 256MB memory buffer and hardware data encryption and WORM support. The native capacity of an LTO-5 tape is 1.5TB, but with compression you can store up to 3TB per tape. It’s shelf-friendly and portable too, if you’re under space constraints at work. Whether you just want the peace of mind that data backup allows, or you want to safely, securely and remotely store your old data, Overland has a storage solution for you. Why invest in large-scale multi-room servers for data you’ll only see once or twice during a cycle? Overland Storage helps you maintain safety and security—and budget concerns.

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