Introducing the 2015 Release of Adobe Creative Cloud


The latest release of Adobe Creative Cloud provides a creative platform that allows professionals to work seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices. A connected assets-based workflow, a vibrant and growing marketplace, and community features are also built into Creative Cloud.

At the heart of Creative Cloud is CreativeSync, an exclusive Adobe technology that ensures your files, photos, fonts, vector graphics, brushes, colors, settings, metadata, and stock images from Adobe Stock appear in your workflow when you need them. CreativeSync lets you start your work on any device and pick it up on another—seamlessly.

In Adobe Photoshop CC, Artboards lets you make multiple layouts of different sizes in a single document, and the new Device Preview shows how designs and interactivity will look and adapt on mobile devices with different screen resolutions. The Healing Brush, Spot Healing Brush, and Patch tools have been turbo-charged with Mercury Graphics Engine enhancements, so you get results up to 120 times faster than you would if you were using CS6. And be sure to check out the new Photoshop Design Space (Preview Technology), a streamlined experience optimized for designing websites and mobile apps.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC includes Dehaze, a new feature (also available in Photoshop CC) that lets you eliminate fog and haze from images—even underwater shots. Or you can add haze for artistic effect.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC features the intuitive and powerful Lumetri Color panel, which helps you make instant color corrections. Morph Cut magically smoothes and polishes jump cuts and dialogue pauses to deliver a polished interview. With brand-new Creative Cloud Libraries integration, Premiere Pro CC takes full advantage of CreativeSync technology so assets like color “Looks” and graphics flow seamlessly between Adobe mobile apps and Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, Photoshop CC, and more.

Adobe After Effects CC dramatically improves your productivity with new support for Creative Cloud Libraries, so all of your assets are at your fingertips. Uninterrupted Preview allows you to adjust a composition’s properties and even resize panels without interrupting playback. Make sure you also check out the new Character Animator, which tracks your movements via webcam and transposes them onto a 2D character.

Adobe also released Adobe Stock, which includes 40 million photos, illustrations, and graphics covering virtually every subject, so you can add them to any print, web, or mobile app project. Adobe Stock is also deeply integrated with Creative Cloud and can even be launched directly within CC desktop apps. You can also add watermarked images to Creative Cloud Libraries and then access and work with images across multiple desktop tools. Finally, when you’re ready to license an image for finished work, you can do it directly within the desktop application in which you’re working. Any edits you made to the watermarked image are applied to the purchased full‐resolution image, saving you loads of time going between your comp and finished design.

Adobe continues the trend of mobile-to-desktop connections with the releases of Adobe Shape CC, Adobe Color CC, Adobe Brush CC, and Adobe Photoshop Mix in the Google Play Store. Adobe Preview CC gives Photoshop CC designers precise, real-time previews of their mobile designs.

The 2015 updates should have already been pushed to existing Adobe Creative Cloud members. If you don't see the updates, you may have to log out and then log back in. If you don't have Creative Cloud yet, you can purchase it here.

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I ordered your Adobe Creative Cloud but was unable to download

could you please help me

Yours sincerly John Wearmouth

If you are using Internet Explorer, make sure you are using the latest update. If you are trying to download wirelessly, then connect the computer  to the modem with an Ethernet cable and try to download again. If you continue having issues, then contact Adobe. They will assist you on downloading and installing the software.