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Delkin Introduces Large-Capacity Storage Devices

For those who are on the lookout for new portable drive storage or SDXC cards, look no further than Delkin Devices and its new 1TB RhinoDrive USB 3.0 External SSD and a 512GB Elite 633X UHS-1 SDXC Memory Card (U3).

The 1TB RhinoDrive utilizes solid-state drive flash memory delivers a data transfer rate of more than 400 MB/s, and write speeds of 300 MB/s. It’s bus powered via the USB 3.0 cable (included), meaning that no external power adapters are required to operate this drive—simply plug it into your system’s USB port and you’re ready to go. Additionally, it is formatted as exFAT and compatible with both Windows and Mac systems. It’s encased in a removable protective rubber bumper and features shock, moisture, and drop resistance. Delkin has further enhanced this SSD with built-in error correction and wear leveling. Error correction works during copying by adding a second layer of security to help ensure that the data being copied matches the source data, while wear leveling helps to prolong the service life of storage media by arranging data so that erasures and re-writes are distributed evenly across the medium. Delkin has also constructed this drive with protection against x-rays and magnets, which helps to extend its operational life, as x-rays and magnets exert forces that can damage storage media. Included with this SSD is a one-year subscription to Mylio Advanced software, which helps to find and import your photos from multiple devices and put them in one place.

Also new is Delkin’s 512GB SDXC card, compatible with DSLR cameras and camcorders that accept Class 10 or UHS-I memory cards. This specific card will capture RAW stills and is fast enough to keep up with burst photography, as well as capture slow-motion video. It features a maximum read speed of 95 MB/s, a minimum write speed of 80 MB/s, and a speed rating of 633X with a UHS speed class of U3. Delkin has further enhanced this card to protect it against shock, water, and x-rays, while also ensuring it has error correction, wear leveling, bad block detection, RoHS compliance, and a write-protect switch.

Aside from being useful as individual items, both the Delkin’s 1TB SSD and their 512GB memory can work well together as a one-two punch while working in the field—capture your photo or video source material onto the SDXC card and then transfer it to the SSD when you’re finished.

With the addition of this 1TB SSD and 512GB SDXC memory card, Delkin has further established itself as a digital solutions provider for photographers, filmmakers, and those looking to store large amounts of data on equipment that may be transported easily.