Digital Foci Picture Porter Advanced: Portable Digital Photo Manager


Have you ever needed a battery-powered portable hard drive complete with an LCD screen, to manage your files?  The Picture Porter Advanced Portable Digital Photo Manager from Digital Foci incorporates all of those features into one device, and adds an intuitive file-management system to gather and organize your content from a variety of memory devices, including CompactFlash, SD, microSD, USB Flash Drives, and USB hard drives. The Picture Porter Advanced supports RAW, JPG, BMP, TIF, and even animated GIF files, making it easy to upload your images and review them on the 5" LCD screen.

Not only can the Picture Porter Advanced back up your files, it allows you to record content directly to the internal hard drive. Video can be recorded from a composite or component video-in signal in MP4 format in 640 x 480 resolution. The recorded content can then be played back via HDMI, Component, or Composite video outputs. You can also capture audio content using the integrated mic and then utilize the built-in speaker, or included audio output cables, to play back the audio through external speakers.

The Picture Porter Advanced comes equipped with either a hard disk drive or solid-state drive in a variety of capacities. For ultra-fast file transfers and reliable storage with no moving parts, you can choose from a 250GB, 500GB, and even a 1TB SSD version, or a 500GB or 1TB hard disk drive version.