Sony and Panasonic Archival Disc Technology is Coming


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A lot will depend on the drives for the discs.  Can ordinary people can afford them?  Are they reliable?  How long does it take to record a disc?  Any problems playing them back? 

If Sony and Panasonic are able to keep to the timeline that they set, the drives, and media, would be released in 2015. At this time they have not released a price point, information on its speed, or if it will use a proprietary format. It is too early to tell if it will stand up to reliability claims. 

The Achilles' Heel of archival storage is long-term reliability. I have seen too many devices and technologies that failed to live up to the expectation that they'd be there when needed at some unpredicted point in the future. Manufacturers' promises are little better than advertising lies; only long-term performance will reveal whether this technology may safely be relied upon.

The odds are not favourable.

Excellent! I would Love to be able to condense some of my disc collection so as to take up less space. Of course, as always, I'm sure there will be a Hefty Price per disc at first, and probably for years to come. Look at the price of ordinary dual layer blank DVD's. I've Still never had any, in spite of the fact that I really could use some. Still a bit steep for my Fixed Income Budget. Time Marches On and The World Keeps On Turning!

It better be scratch proof.