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Wacom Introduces the Next Generation of Intuos Tablets

Whether you're sketching or putting the finishing touches on your own created superhero, being creative can be a fun and rewarding experience. While a pencil and paper may be enough to get your creative juices flowing, it does limit the things you'll be able to do with your drawing. Fortunately, Wacom's next generation of Intuos tablets offer tailored solutions so you can focus on what you want to do instead of having to hunt down the software yourself.

The Wacom Intuos tablet comes in two sizes: small and medium. The small version features a 6.0 x 3.7" active area while the medium version has an 8.5 x 5.3" active area. The Intuos tablet has four customizable ExpressKeys, rounded edges for comfort, a Kensington lock slot, a USB interface, a slot for an optional wireless kit, and a holder for the included pen. The included pen has a simple barrel design with a slight flare for grip comfort and a debossed Wacom logo. The pen also has 1,024 levels of pressure sensitivity to ensure you can draw and sketch properly.

Please note that the Wacom Intuos tablet is similar for the four tailored solutions listed below, with some minor differences. The Intuos Draw tablet only supports pen input and the Intuos Art Pen & Touch tablet is available in both small and medium tablet sizes. The Wacom Intuos tablet can be available in white, black, and mint blue.

If you just want to sketch, draw, and paint to get your ideas down, the Intuos Draw Pen Tablet may be for you. While it may only support pen input, it also allows you to focus on your drawing and sketching skills. The tablet and pen are not the only things you're getting, though. After registering on Wacom's website, you'll get access to free ArtRage Lite software, online tutorials, and even an 8 x 10 metal photo print.

Looking to use your tablet as a digital canvas and your pen as a paintbrush? The Intuos Art Pen & Touch Tablet might be a better fit. Available in both small and medium tablet sizes, the Intuos Art tablet can have an active area of either 6.0 x 3.7" or 8.5 x 5.3", respectively. Register on Wacom's website and you'll get Corel Painter Essentials, online tutorials, an 8 x 8 Shutterfly Photo Album, and an 8 x 10 metal print for free.

Now, if you're more focused on drawing anime, manga, and cartoons, the Intuos Comic Pen & Touch Tablet is an obvious choice. As with the previous two tablets, you'll need to register on Wacom's website in order to get Clip Studio Paint Pro and Anime Studio Debut software for free. Also included are online tutorials and a comic book print service from RA (get 10 free with the purchase of 25).

The Wacom Intuos series isn't limited to just drawing or painting. The Intuos Photo Pen & Touch Tablet allows you to edit and creatively enhance your digital pictures. Registering on Wacom's official website grants you access to the Macphun Pro package (Tonality, Intensify, Snapheal, Noiseless) if you're on a Mac or Corel Paintshop Pro X8 if you're on a PC. You'll also get Corel Aftershot Pro 2 for both operating systems. If you need help, the online tutorials can guide you. You'll also get a free 8x8 Shutterfly Photo Album and a Horizon Canvas Print.

As you can see, Wacom offers several different options according to your interests so you're no longer forced into a one-size-fits-all approach. Choose an Intuos tablet that fits your needs and get free software that you can use via Wacom after registration. Which Intuos tablet is right for you?