Converting a File Listing to Text


If you’ve ever had a folder full of files, and you wanted to convert the names of the files to editable text, you’ve probably realized that it’s not such a simple thing to do. You might want to do this if you have a large collection of still images, songs or video clips and want to compile a list of them in a Word document or Excel chart.

Sure, you can always just print a listing of files, but it’s a pain in the neck if all of the files don’t fit in the visible portion of a window. And that would just let you print the listing, not convert it to text. Of course you can always type all of the file names by hand, but you shouldn’t have to when you're using a computer.

If you still remember DOS commands there are ways to convert a file directory into editable text, but most computer users have little experience with DOS and those that do might not remember how to use them. Fortunately there is an easier way to do it. Just find the folder containing the files that you want to make a list of, and drag the folder into a web browser.* The browser will display a list of all the files which you can then copy and paste into a text file.

You can paste the information right into a Word document, but Word might display a lot of junk that you don’t want to see. By pasting first into a simple text file, and then copying and pasting again into a Word document, you wind up with an editable list of all the files in the folder. Then you can use Word to shrink the font size and create a multi-column document that will fit on a single page. You can also paste the text into an Excel chart and then use Excel to manipulate the information to your heart’s content.

*Please note: This function does not work in an Internet Explorer browser.

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Thank you very much for this. I agree that there's a way to do it from DOS, but there are a couple of details that I don't remember I manage to copy the list in a file but I can not edit it afterwards, obviously I am missing something.

The solution that you give is way better and the best of all is that the links, to the files on the list, work.

Thank you again.

Really helpful post. Straight from Google to this and within several mins had what i wanted ... Thanks