Wacom Introduces Various Pen Tablets and Demonstrates Tablet Use in Photoshop


Ever wish you didn’t have to struggle with limitations and lack of accuracy when using a computer mouse to edit your photographs? Wacom Pen Tablets allow you to treat your digital images as if they were physically right in front of you, allowing you to virtually draw, edit or write using the multi-touch gestures and pressure sensitivity. Enjoy the intuitive control and natural feel of working with a pen in your hand.

Join Dan Johannessen in exploring which Wacom Pen Tablet is best for your specific needs. He also demonstrates the advanced pen technology, multi-function touch ring, wireless capabilities and easy setup. Johannessen uses the second half of the class to demonstrate workflow when applying the Wacom Tablet to Photoshop. Topics covered include:

  • Spot Healing Brush / Portrait Retouching
  • Snapshot / Burn tool
  • Landscape / Layer Mask Technique
  • Hovering & Tilting
  • Mirroring & Cloning
  • Layering & Masking
  • Filters
  • & More

Whether you're a future buyer or an existing Wacom user, this class is designed to help you understand which Pen Tablet is best for you while learning about the Wacom applications such as design workflow, different techniques in Photoshop and how to get the most out of your Wacom Pen Tablet.

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Best vid ever....  Sooooo good

I just finished watching this vid and it took me 4 1/2 hours, and many pages of notes, to get all the info that is given.

I recently bought my Wacom and have been search out Youtube vids to learn how to use and understand it before starting to draw.

This one is the best so far that I've seen.

Keep up this good work, you guys.

Best Regards...