8 Ways to Prank a Photographer

Everyone loves a good joke and sometimes there isn't a reason to be so serious. There are great ways to prank photographers that are creative yet simple to pull off. Here are a couple of pranks that you can play. In the comments below, let us know what type of shenanigans you would pull.

Photo by Araakii from the B&H Photo Flickr Group

Disclaimer: we don't recommend doing this unless you know for a fact that the photographer has a sense of humor.

- Ink in the Eyecup

- Locking the SD Card

- Replacing their lenses with Coffee Mugs

- Reversing their batteries in their flash units

- Tell them that you lost the images, or they're corrupted.

- Askew their White Balance

- Recalibrate their diopter

- Change their Language settings of their camera to another language.

Let us know how you'd prank a photographer in the comments below!

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 LOL...I would do that to myself with it not being April Fools. 

Oh that is just MEAN!!! 

 Those are some good ones; sure hope no one I know reads this!

"Recalibrate their diopter"


These are utterly pathetic.

Glue an SD card to the floor.

Reversing thier batteries in flash units might become a costly prank!

I always crank up the ISO to max, but adjusting the diopter is something new :-)

Call your boss or supervisor an hour into an event and tell them ur lost and cant find the venue. They HATE that :).