Adaptimax Lens Adapters for Using Nikon and Canon Optics on Video Camcorders


There's no shortage of lens adapters out on the market, designed to adapt still-camera lenses for use on video camcorders and film cameras, and some are better than others. Adaptimax is one of the better ones. Engineered and manufactured of anodized aluminum alloy with chrome-plated brass lens mounts, Adaptimax lens adapters are designed for precise optical alignment of Nikon and Canon lenses on select video camcorders.

Available in a choice of red or blue, Adaptimax currently produces adapters for using Canon EF lenses as well as Nikon AF lenses, including DX and G-series Nikon lenses. If you shoot with a Sony PMW-EX3 and want to use Canon EF optics, you'll want to get the Adaptimax Canon to Sony PMW-EX3 adapter. Similarly, if you wish to use Nikon AF lenses on a Sony PMW-EX3, you'll need an Adaptimax Nikon to Sony PMW-EX3 adapter (for use with Nikon optics with external aperture rings only—will not work with Nikon G-series optics). When using either of the above adapters on Sony PMW-EX3 video camcorders, there is a 5.4x magnification factor, due to the differences in frame format sizes.

Note: When using Canon EF optics on a Sony PMW-EX3, you must first set the lens aperture with the lens mounted on a Canon EOS still camera body.

Not wanting to leave owners of Nikon DX and G-series out in the cold, Adaptimax also offers the Adaptimax Nikon to 1/3" Bayonet Adapter , which enables you to use Nikon DX and G-series optics on 1/3" video camcorders, including the JVC GY-HD 100, 200, and GY-HM700, Panasonic's HPX300 and Sony's HVR-Z7 and HVR-S270. The magnification factor when using Nikon DX and G-series optics with the above-listed camcorders is 7x.

Aside from Nikon and Canon optics, all of the above Adaptimax lens adapters will also work with third-party lenses with Nikon and Canon mounts, including Carl Zeiss lenses with Canon and Nikon lens mounts.

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please if any one out your side can help????

Looking for a Lens Adapters that I can use my Nikon 360-1200mm lens with my Sony BVW-600 or BVW-507. I did have one from Optix but lost it Iraq doing the war coverage.

Hope to hear from any one with help. Thanks to all for reading this.


If you have Nikon or third party Nikon bayonet lenses with an external aperture ring, you will need the Adaptimax Original.

If you have Nikon or third party lenses without an external aperture ring ( DX or G series, you will need an Adaptimax Plus.

The Adaptimax Plus covers all Nikon and third party Nikon bayonet lenses with or without an external aperture ring.

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Steve Shovlar

Also, any adapters for Sony HVRZ7U? 

Any adaptors for the Sony HVR Z7U? 

 Is there any company who provides canon adapters for the HVR Z7 U?

Any adapters for the VX2000 to Nikon Lens??


To use your lens on a Sony BVW-600 or BVW-507, you will need a lens mount adapter designed to convert any Nikon F lens to a 2/3" bayonet mount. This unit can be used with a variety of professional HD camcorders, and allows videographers to tap into the full range of Nikon's high-quality optics.

The Sony HVRZ7U needs a lens mount adapter designed to convert a 1/3" bayonet mount to a standard Nikon lens mount.

To use a Nikon or Canon lens on a VX200, you will need this set up;

The Letus35 LELTMB58 is a lens adapter bundle featuring the Mini Adapter. This kit works with camcorders utilizing 43mm & 58mm filter threads. It consists of the Mini Adapter, Support System, 43mm Adapter and 58mm Adapter.


The Letus35 LTNIKON is a specific mount adapter. It allows the Letus35 lens adapters to utilize Nikon locking lenses for its operational capability.

The Letus35 LTCANONEOS is a specific mount adapter. It allows the Letus35 lens adapters to utilize Canon EF/EOS lenses for its operational capability.


 I recently purchased this adaptor from B&H for my Sony HVR-Z7.

Really nice quality. It's great!

I ordered the Adaptimax a week or so ago and only now had the chance to test it out. Initial thoughts are that it's very well made, does what it is meant to do and is very good value. My Nikon 300mm fitted nice and snug with no wobble on the bayonet. I had amazing telephoto. Think its x5.5 so my 300 became a 1600+mm lens.

Worth it? If you shoot wildlife or surveillance absolutely.


Could you use it with nikon G and DX lens . Lens without aperature ring ?


recently purchased this adaptor from B&H for my Sony HVR-Z7.

Really nice quality. It's great!

 i have sony pmw 350k do u know any adapters for use nikon lens on my camera? thank u and best regards

dear sir/ma'am

i like to buy an adaptor for my sony hvr-z7p camera in which i want to use nikon & canon Dslr lens.

so plz tell me the price and the product availivility in indian market.

plz reply soon

with regards



You could use the Adaptimax Nikon to 1/3" Bayonet Adapter to mount Nikon lenses onto the Sony HVR-Z7P.  The price and availability can be found on the adapter’s site on our site.  Due keep in mind that all transactions would be in USD.  B&H could ship this adapter to India.  Shipping times would depend on the shipping method that you chose.  If you add the item to your cart, on the right hand side of the page there is a shipping calculator.  Once you enter in the country of destination, the various shipping options, along with their respective costs and shipping times, will be revealed.  Unfortunately, I’m not finding an adapter for Canon lenses.

Hi there,
Just a quick one, is it possible to use sony z7e on canon body?
Appreciate for the answer.

johny wrote:
is it possible to use sony z7e on canon body?.

what i mean is using sony z7e LENS on canon body.

No, unfortunately it is not possible to use 1/3" bayonet mount lenses adapted to a Canon EF mount.