Alexa and Red walk into a bar....


Digital film making is changing after every new camera hits the marketplace. Instead of winnowing the previous models an entire range of solutions is available to meet every type of production need. But what about getting all the camera manufacturers with all their experts (that they can fit into their travel budget) to converge on one place for a weekend?

 It's going to happen in New York. It is the only time in this country, this year that it's going to occur. I am building up, a little gratuitously, to the Entertainment Technology Expo at the New Yorker this fall. So, if you shoot digital, or want to, and can get to New York on September 21st and 22nd then you should register (it's free).

But what cameras, right? Canon will be there with the 5D and the 7D. And they are bringing Alex Buono, who has been in Saturday Night Live's Film Unit for 10 years. He wants to talk about how those two cameras have revolutionized how he shoots.

Panasonic is coming loaded with the AG-3DA1 3D camcorder. They want to show off this new camcorder and demo the menu and display information. They are also going to explore shooting strategies and set up a 3D theatre to show off footage in an old bank next to the New Yorker.

Sony is bringing the PMW-350, F35, SRW-9000PL, PMW-EX3, the Silicon Imaging SI-2K camera in a 3D configuration, and the FGV 7D-PL (a Canon 7D modified to use PL mount lenses).

Red is coming to present an "epic" conversation with Ted Schilowitz. Fresh from IBC he is going to bring Off Hollywood's Mark Pederson to deliver the latest news on Red'c camera line up.

Arri had to bring the Alexa, we just had to invite them and we are glad they said yes. We insisted because so many people are interested in what that beast of a camera can do. JVC's ProHDs and Phantom's Flex are rounding out the corral of cutting edge tools.

All the companies will be there to demo and answer questions. In the age of search engines the opportunity to meet and greet the users, experts and professionals becomes a rare opportunity.

And finally, B&H will be joining us as an exhibitor so they can guide you through purchasing the equipment you need.

If you couldn't already tell, I work for Createasphere, and we are the ones putting this together. BHInsights is a great resource for gear reviews and I want to thank them for letting me pitch.