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 I do have one issue when burning dvd's I'll use NERO 8 or Powerdirector 9. The PC is an ASUS CG series. Win 7 Home Premium. Less than a year old.

Never can I burn a DVD where everyone can read it. Usually it can be read on a cheap Wal-mart dvd player but not a more expensive Sony.

The media is usually Philips DVD-R or Memorex DVD+R. If it's the burner (A HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH40N ATA DEVICE if I read it correctly) I would gladly change it!

I heard something about changing the Bit Setting" but only certain models.

Very confused & Frustrated.


This is actually common and I wish I knew why. For what ever reasons. DVD players have trouble with computer burned DVD's. Last spring I video taped a college production of the Wizard of Oz that my then 6 year old son was a Munchkin in and gave out DVD's of the performance to parents. Out of 50 DVD's about 10% of the parents had problems with the disk. They all were using expensive high end players except for 1 grand parent who had a player that pre-dated computer based DVD burning.

When burning DVDs, if you have trouble playing it in a DVD player, try burning it in slower speed. Usually the burner software pushes it to the Max Speed. Try 2x or 4x and see the results.

Mighty useful. Make no mitskae, I appreciate it.

Which portable (battery operated) video projector is the brightest and will work with a pc?


I have some questions regarding the below gears setup:

Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT
Canon ST-E3-RT Speedlite Transmitter
Elinchrom Midi Octa Light Bank for Flash
Interfit INT326 Strobie XS Bracket
Impact Air-Cushioned Heavy Duty Light Stand - Black, 9.5' (2.9m)
Vello - FreeWave Plus Wireless Remote Shutter Release - 2.4GHz (for Canon)

1) Will I be able to use remote shutter release (plugged in the remote controller slot) along with Speedlite Transmitter mounted on the hot shoe?
2) I want to be able to tilt my lightbox up and down (for shooting up high or shooting down low), will I be able to do that with the above gears or do I need to buy extra gears?

Please let me know.


1)  Yes, you can use both the Speedlite Transmitter on the hot shoe and a remote release in the camera's remote terminal socket.

2)  If you will be using the equipment listed in the description below, unfortunately, the Elinchrom Midi OCta Light Bank will not be compatible with the Canon Speedlite 600EX-RT; it is only compatible with either Elinchrom or Profoto strobe lights.  However, if you will be using a different octabox with your setup with the appropriate speedring, I would recommend either the  (B&H# IMUB) to allow you to tilt the setup up.  However, if you need the range to tilt the setup both up and down, due to the size of the softbox, you would need to get the softbox away from the light stand by using a boom arm, such as the Manfrotto Boom Assembly, Black - 6.5' (2m), (B&H# MA024B).

I have interfit int 326 strobie bracket and I am wondering whether I can fix the bracket's female thread into 085bs manfrotto heavy duty boom and stand or not.

Back to my question, I am after attaching the interfit xs bracket into the arm/boom male thread.

Yes, the brackets mounting thread is 5/8" which is the same size as the mounting stud on the Manfrotto 085 boom arm.

Hello, I am thinking of getting the Sony A3000 camera. Will Bower SFD926S Flash work with this camera in full TTL mode?



In order to use the Bower SFD926S with the A3000, you will need a hot shoe adapter such as the Sony ADP-MAC Multi-Interface Shoe Adapter.  With that adapter you could use the Bower flash on the A3000 and retain TTL.

Hi i will buy a gh4.
Im just confused because its written there that the item is pre ordered. And it will be charged on the moment that it will be shipped.
What if i go there and pay in cash? Is there a downpayment on pre ordering the item?

Thanks in advance

Hi Emil -

We do not accept partial deposits in lieu of placing orders. The same rules apply to in -person cash payment.

****Domestic Orders**** This is a new item, We are accepting orders and they will be filled in the order they are received. An authorization for this product will be processed upon placing the order. Your order will only be charged at time of shipment. 

****International Orders****

For international orders, credit cards will be charged at time you place your order.

Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions:


I am trying to buy an external flash for my Sony NEX 6. I don't know much of manual setting so I'd rather buy flash with TTL capability. I was able to try out HVL-F20M but unfortunately, the power is not enough especially during really dark conditions. Can you recommend other flash that would be compatible the Sony NEX 6 system?



For a step up from the HVL-F20M, you might look at the HVL-F43M flash.  It would be far more powerful than the HVL-F20M, and is compatible with the NEX-6.


I wanted some information about the pairing of the Metabones C mount/MFT and the Computar 1.5x extender:

Do they fit? Many people argue about that because of diameters and I can't find online proper tech specs

The setup would be BMPCC+Metabones C/MFT+Computar 1.5 extender+ any C-mount lens

The type of tech specs you are looking for, typically aren’t released by manufacturers.  That being said, I would say no on using the teleconverter with the lens adapter.  With how far that teleconverter protrudes, I seriously doubt it will work with the Metabones lens adapter.  And, in my experience, stacking adapters, or stacking adapters and teleconverters typically doesn’t work.

will the LensCoat RainCoat RS (Rain Sleeve) (Medium, Black) work with my nikon d800 plus a 14-24 2.8 and a 70-200 and also the three tilt shift lenses? thanks

The LensCoat RainCoat RS Medium would be able to accommodate the D800 with the 70-200mm f/2.8 attached.  It also has a cinch strap to allow you to adjust the length of the cover to keep it snug around shorter lenses such as the 14-24mm f/2.8 or tilt-shift lenses.

I am in the market for my 1st DSLR. Im think I made my decision with Nikon 3300. My question is the "the kit" doesnt have much compared to its older version D3200 kit. You actually get 2 lenes and camera bag for the same price as the 3300. I know 3300 is a newer model, but didnt know if it was all that different.

In this instance, I tend to agree with you or understand the nature of the question.  The D3300 has some minor improvements over the D3200,(faster AF, faster processor and higher ISO) but not by leaps and bounds so to say.  I feel the D3200 kit is a better investment for a starting kit than what the features of the D3300 would offer you are.  Both are great for learning with, and with the second lens in the kit of the D3200 you've got more tools to compose your images with.  I'd say go with the kit.

How do I choose a strobe photogenic monolight system for home use?  Photographing family and grandchildren?

While there is no right or wrong answer for the above, I typically recommend if you plan to photograph people and you wish to shoot with studio strobe lighting, go with a kit that has at least 300 watts for the main lights in the kit.  While we do have kits that have 100 watts or 150 watts, these are best used for either a single person (as the light would have to be placed close to the subject for maximum effect) or for still images where you will be shooting on a tripod and your subject will not be moving.

This is not written in stone; it is just what I personally have found to be the best combination for price and output power for flexibility when photographing people and other moving subjects (either individually or in groups).  A good 2-light starter kit recommendation for home studio usage would be either the , B&H # IMVSD160USK, or the , B&H # BOG400RX2LUK.  For slightly more flexibility and adding an extra backlight (or hairlight), I would recommend the , B&H # IMVSD3003LPB.

I have a Sony A77 and I consider  to buy the mark II.  Will I be able to use my external Sony flashes? As I understand that Sony changed the hot shoe.  I possess HVL-F42  and HVL-F56. Both flashes are not manufactured today.          And as well, will I be able to shot with my flashes in a remote manner as I do it today with my 77?  With the built in flash door open, that triggers the external flashes from distance.  I hope my qwestions are understood...

There is a special adapter that you may opt to purchase which goes between the camera and the flash which will allow the flashes to properly function with the A77ii camera.  From all my other research however it does not seem to allow for wireless performance with these older series flashes.  Below is the link to the optional adapter to connect your flashes to the shoe on the A77ii: