The B&H Blog is finally here!


Steve Schwartz, a 28 year veteran of B&H introduces us to B&H Insights, the official Blog of B&H Photo Video Pro Audio:   


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Congrats on the new blog! I have a new home page!


Congratulations, Steve you did it!

Great job. Cant wait to see how this blog turns out in the future, and how many people participate.

Great choice!

We are looking forward to get the same level of advice & knowledge we are so used to get from you at the trade shows Steve.  The fact that B&H put you in charge (a 27 year vet) shows some serious commitment on their behalf.

Good luck and all B&H Fans stay tuned -)


 very well done! congratulations!

I'm looking forward to seeing all the content about new technology in photography.

David Saffir

Congrats! The best photo supply store now has the best blog!


This is great. I have not done anything with blogs up to this point, however I think it's time to jump in. I have lots of questions for the brain pool and hopefully some answers too. Good job !  


It Looks like things are moving there!

Steve can you call me!  


Remember Yehudah and Worth STreet?



Good on you, Steve. I am a many-time purchaser from your store, and have reviewed some equipment there, too. Good luck with the blog.

Congratulations on the new Blog.  I have been depending on your company for professional equipment for 20 years.  Keep up the good work and thank you again.

Ron Leininger

As a 40 plus year professional of radio having started in 1946 as a control operator for WDBJ AM/FM in Roanoke, VA and in 1955 moving to television as a producer/director.  I have worked locally producing, shooting and writing and many award winning bits of work.  Retiring in 1990 I still like to produce video's for my 40 voice Methodist choir and a local community vocal group who does one concert a year.  Thank you for everything you are and all that you are planning for the future.  Curtis  

Steve,.. wonderful to see you and the best of luck to you and everyone there at B&H.  I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed your products and services. You have always been timely and within budget.

Thank you again.


 Well done Steve.

I am a recent fan from Australia and have used your services a couple of time already. I dont no how you manage to be the cheapest in the world, but am very greatfull for it .

Am looking forward to your New media 

good luck 


Hey steve congratulaton and best wishes to you and B&H team. i have used  you guys before and i love my products keep up the great prices and producrts.

 B&H is such a great resource, but technology-challenged customers, such as me, really need an informative blog like this!  Congrats, and well done!



I have purchased audio and photographic equipment and have friends and family members who also purchase from B&H. I appreciate the competitive pricing and advice from your staff on specifics when I have a question.

The sales and service B&H offers is unsurpassed based on my many years in business which is a large part of the 'secret of success'.

Thanks and congratulations on the new outreach to customers.


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 The new Blog looks very promising. Good luck and thanks for doing this,

Thank you for bringing us all the best information on your new wonderful blog!

 Looking for better to best, faster to fastest, SDHC memory card.

Any suggestions?


well done on the blog .                    TO MR DAVID BROMMER .    David firstly I love your work ,I am a cartier bresson,robert frank,john free,eugene smith,frank doorhof follower but when I saw your BnH tutorials and work I really learnt a lot from listening to your advice and the creativity of your work is inspiring.    I am a photographer now for just over a year ,( instagram ) (fotomojophotography)  is where im trying to get some recognition the streets are my studio and i only shoot candid if i dont get caught trying to grab the capture lol.thank you for your inspirational tutorials David ,cheers from AUSTRALIA, Mike Trikilis street/ Art/photojournalist photography . cheers B N H ! also. all staff .

OK, where is it?


Right here, you are on it. Please feel free to subscribe, and join in on the intelligent give and take here and leave comments.


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I have the equipment, but once the rf transmitter batteries died and I replaced them, I cannot get the setup to work.

Do you have an expert in this area?   Can you recommend a tech service who can do this work?

Hi Alvin -

This product, Invisible Multi-Room Remote Extender (LRRX),
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Wish you guys would update more!! hopefully soon?

Nana @