B&H supports creativeLIVE: A Free Worldwide Creative Classroom


Want to learn all about digital filmmaking using a video-enabled DSLR camera? Want to create a killer app for iPhones and Android smartphones? Looking to sharpen your Photoshop and web design skills? A cool new website called creativeLIVE.com is the place where all of these classes are happening, and you're invited to join every course for free! Check out this post to find out how you can register for Vincent Laforet's upcoming Introduction to HDDSLR Cinema course...

One of the main reasons we created B&H Insights was to share useful information about creative production processes and techniques. That's why we're so excited about creativeLIVE, and why B&H has chosen to partner with creativeLIVE on their photography courses. Now anyone who's interested in creative media production can tune in and get world-class live training free of charge. The driving idea behind creativeLIVE is the democratization of creative education. By sharing all of their live courses with the world, Chase Jarvis, tech wizard Craig Swanson, and the whole creativeLIVE team wish to raise the bar of the work produced by photographers, filmmakers, designers, and artists on the whole. All of the classes are taught by the leading professionals in their respective fields. Viewers are encouraged to interact via live chat and Twitter.

On Friday April 30th, the first class on the topic of shooting HD video on a DSLR camera will take place with the renowned DP, photographer, and filmmaker Vincent Laforet. B&H is proud to be involved in making this workshop come to life. All you need to do to watch the live feed of the course is to register here. The registration process is about as painless as it gets. You simply submit your name and email address and you're done. You'll get an email reminder to tune in shortly before the class takes place.

If you can't watch the live stream of any class at creativeLIVE, you have the option of purchasing a download of the material. The download is DRM-free, and yours to keep. The fee for the download is there in order to offset the cost of producing the content and maintaining the studio and classroom. If you're in the Seattle area, you can also purchase tickets to attend the classes in person. 

Keep an eye on the calendar at creativeLIVE.com. There are already tons of exciting classes in the line-up. And definitely don't miss Vincent Laforet's Introduction to HDDSLR Cinema, which simultaneously kicks off this Friday April 30th at 1PM in New York, 10AM Pacific on the West Coast of the USA, and at 3AM on Saturday May 1st in Sydney Australia (drink lots of coffee, mates). A drop down menu at the top of the calendar page allows you to set your time zone so you can figure out what time you need to watch the live stream. I'll see you guys in class! 


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Thanks for getting behind creativeLIVE.com and what they're doing. Some amazing photographers in the lineup. This is awesome.

Thanks for supprting Creative Live. I have 'attended' three webinars, great presenters, professional production, key information in an easy to get form. Hope your partnership is long.

Thanks B&H! Everyone wins when you support education!

I am lucky to be able to attend free creativeLIVE classes in person in the Seattle classroom. The instructors are masters in their field. In addition to learning a ton, I enjoy hearing all of the locations where folks are participating live across the globe in each class. The fact that I'm hearing questions asked from South America, Asia, Europe or the Middle East etc LIVE is truly mind boggling.

Thanks B&H for your support in democratizing creative education for all!

Thanks for supporting Creative Live.  Their educational offerings are incredible. 

B&H couldn't find a better partner than creativeLIVE.com in Seattle. Craig, Jason, Steve and all the great instructors at the former creativetechs are just an amazing group.They have been supporting the creative community for years and always find new ways to blow away the competition.

Ann-Marie Stillion


Thank you for supporting creativeLIVE classes.  They are just awesome classes.

Wow B&H you really rule!

Thanks B&H! Where else but on Creative Live could ask Art Wolfe questions? It is as great an organization as B&H!

Thanks for being the best place to go for all of my photog. gear and for supporting CreativeLIVE, maybe the best new resource I've found online. You guys were MEANT for each other!

Fantastic seeing you get behind the opportunities being presented at creativeLive. Education is an invaluable tool and your association should bring sales opportunities! Thanks so much.

Thank you, B&H, for helping the wonderful free webinars to remain free. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thanks for supporting these guys.  They rock!

Great place to team up with. Congrats and thank you both! Now eve more of a reason to buy from B&H!

What you guys are doing is setting the tone for the future and its going to be a win win for everyone in the long run. Cant wait for the next class!

Mark Hull 

Thank you so much for supporting these classes.  They are AWESOME and I love that they are available for FREE.. not to mention, I just love Jason's voice ;) 

 Thank you for the helping us all out.!!!!! @creativelive

 Thanks for supporting CreativeLive. Those of us on the east coast of Canada are grateful for the opportunity to attend online classes!

Dear B&H:

Thank you so very much for supporting a phantastic, much loved and worthwhile program!

Sabine Stetson



I buy all (correction: most) of my photo gear from BH so thanks for supporting CreativeLive!!

Thank you B&H! creativeLIVE rocks and I am fortunate to take advanatge of the free webinars!

Thank you so much for supporting CreativeLIVE! They offer such a wonderful service to artists and designers all over the world, so what you do helps so many people!

B&H Photos + CreativeLIVE = awesomeness!! Thanx for supporting them and making those super informative and helpful webinars happen!! 

Your support for the creative arts goes far beyond your exemplary support of artists through your storefront and online services. Many, many thanks for your assistance for the Creative Live classes. It's my hope that students will translate their support back to you in additional sales. 

Thank you for supporting the CreativeLive. It is because of attitudes like this that all of us around the globe, we can learn from professional and free. I live in Brazil and I say: Thank you!

 Thanks for supporting these guys.  They rock!

 Alright B&H, a great company, (ordered many thing s from you guys), helping a great website (Creative Live)

I am a supporter of B&H as it is my main source of photo equipment.  I am please to hear that B&H are now supporters of CreativeLive.com.  The PEOPLE network including companies that care are what makes any industry awesome.  This is an awesome relationship.



2 of my favorites together...B&H photo and creativeLIVE (what a great combination)!

Thank you so much for supporting creativeLive! It's such a great opportunity for people around the world to learn from the pros and make art that is more meaningful to us and to the world!

 B&H, thank you for supporting the very generous efforts displayed by everyone at Creative Techs this past year.  They are an awesome educational resource and I have learned so much from them.

 I have enjoyed the creativeLive web presentations immensely, and want to thank you for supporting their excellent forum...I truly appreciate it. 

Thanks for supporting creativeLIVE. These classes and the entire group at creativeLIVE has helped our advertising crew grow in depth and ability. I've been a log in user for a long time now and have never seen anything like this terrific group of individuals. You are in good company for supporting such a professional team!  

Dear B&H Team

Thanks a lot for supporting them. It's much appreciated.

with best regards,



 As someone who is at least eight hours drive from the nearest irregular stop on the  photographic training circuit (and at least 12 hours from the nearest semi-regular spot), it is tough to find the time and cash to be able to attend training regularly. Thank goodness for sites like CreativeLive, and thank you for supporting them. 

Now if I could just get a better interweb connection, I'd be *really* happy....

I love, love, love CreativeLive. They are doing such a great things for our industry. Thanks for supporting, and allowing us the opportunity to attend online classes!

Thanks B&H for supporting Creative Live.  This is such an incredible teaching venue and I love your shop.

Thanks so much for your support of the Creative Live webinars.  They are the best I have seen, and I totally appreciate your effort to make sure they continue.

Glad to see you behind creativeLIVE – I and many others are excited to see these guys take off!

 creativeLIVE does some awesome work-  thanks for your support. Its not like I needed another reason to shop at B&H, but now I have one anyway.

Wonderful to see your fine support for Creative Live classes.  I didn't know how much I didn't know until I found them.  

Just wanted to let everyone at B&H know how much their support for creativeLIVE is appreciated.  It really is an incredible program, from which I have already benefited greatly.    All of the courses I have attended have been brilliantly prepared and delivered, by instructors who clearly are experts on the topic at hand.  Thanks very much, B&H, for your support, and I hope your partnership becomes a long one.

Fantastic! I've learned so much through CreativeLIVE this last year, using equipment we bought from B&H...a lovely partnership. We were happy to visit B&H when we were in New York last time, and being from Seattle, we have the option to attend the classes in person...it's all connected.

Thanks B&H for supporting CreativeLive.com!

 B & H,

Thanks so much for supporting this unique new learning environment- CreativeLIVE. Your help makes all the difference and I am grateful for it. You are my first stop for all of my photo *****.

 Many thanks B&H for all your support. Having a great partner like yourselves with an educational effort like CreativeLive has go to be the way to go.

thanks for the support! :)

I love when two organizations I support creativeLive and B&H come together to form an incredible relationship.  It is great when you see a company like B&H, a place I purchase 90% of my camera gear from, supporting the growth of the same creative minds that purchase from them, by connecting themselves to a company like creativeLive.com. 

Thanks guys for supporting creativeLIVE.com! It's been amazing and is only getting better and better and now with you behind them the sky may NO LONGER be the limit!

Thanks again,

Mark Barrington

Thank you so much for supporting things like Creative Live. Helps the little guys like myself out very very very much. Thank you. 

I was recently able to attend session #1 of the Art Wolfe series in person in Seattle.  It was great and I look forward to the next two events.  Thanks for your support of this exciting new model for learning!