Breakaway Beer Bottles


Back when Heineken was the hot brand for cold beer, you could ***** on the bottles’ pulverized remains lining streets off the St. Patrick’s Day Parade route with green fairy dust. Magical as it seemed, broken glass isn’t exactly welcome on a set. That’s why the Breakaway Beer Bottle from Rosco Laboratories goes a long way to solving the problem of staging a fight without injuring actors or models.

Sold as a six-pack, the acrylic resin bottles are engineered to shatter realistically and safely. Bottles are available in Emerald City green or Neolithic amber. Labels are included; libations are not.

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On a similar note, Acme Novelty Corporation tried to market breakaway steering wheels for cars. Unfortunately it wasn't met with much enthusiasm as the beer bottles, though there are a few humorous anecdotes about the few people tried them out and lived to blog about it.

I thought Acme Novelty Corporation was put out of business after a string of anvil related lawsuits.

Hey - my name is Skippy and I manage the 401k for my company - and I don't appreciate that last comment.

Hi Skippy,

My name is Skippy and I do understand your contentment. However, I am fortunate to have the ability to laugh at myself and appreciate all types of humor. Skippy does happen to connote a young child, hence the humor.

I believe the world would be a better place if we could just learn to be less sensitive and more understanding.

Skippy Also

Laughter OL!!!

 Lay off my peanut butter friend!