The Brenizer Method: Panoramic Portrait Shooting


Not long ago, we spent some time with famed wedding photographer and guest blogger Ryan Brenizer. One of the reasons why Ryan is famous is because of his unique style of shooting portraits known across the net as the Brenizer Method. Ryan talked with us about the gear he uses to do it, how he came up with the idea, the post-production phase, and also gave us some tips for beginners. Take a look at the video after clicking Read and Discuss.



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Thanks to Chris and the rest of the team! One important thing that got left on the cutting-room floor. When shooting any panorama ALL of your settings should be the same shot to shot -- your focus, your ISO, your aperture, your shutter speed, and your white balance, otherwise it will be a hot mess. If your camera has an "AEL/AFL" button set to lock both exposure and focus, this takes care of all the variables except the white balance, and if you're shooting RAW you can correct that later.

 I like the idea of playing around with stitching in unconventional ways. Been doing quite a bit of it myself and even more so with the iPhone. 

And I do like the look you're achieving, but what I don't get is how this look is different from what you could get by simply selectively blurring in CS5? 

I'm not saying it's the same look, but that I can't see how the final result is different. Can you please explain?