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To get to the Camera Department at the B&H SuperStore in midtown Manhattan you have to take the stairs or escalator up to the second floor. What greets you at the top of the steps is a wall-to-wall array of photo gear. Across the tops of the wraparound display cases are the signature signage of Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Pentax, Sony, Leica, Panasonic, and others. But wait (a voice in your head says)... his is only the Used Department. The new cameras are located around the bend in a humongous area about 6 times larger. Welcome to B&H, the largest camera store on the planet.

It's not an exaggeration to say the Used Department at B&H is larger than most camera stores. Nor would it be an exaggeration to say the range of in-stock inventory of used, demo, and refurbished photo gear is beyond the logistical abilities of most camera stores. And this is what makes the Used Department at B&H a win-win deal on both sides of the counter.

Second-hand photo gear, be it 'classic' gear or the digital camera you seemingly bought not too long ago, has value. And just as you'd like to trade-up to something newer and/or 'better', there are plenty of individuals who'd gladly pay a fair price for your clean, 'older' cameras, lenses, and assorted photo gear.

"We believe the prices we offer are quite fair, and with the exception of the occasional piece of equipment that shows up in a condition that differs significantly from the condition as originally described, we pay the agreed upon price." according to Matt Leonorovitz, Director of the B&H Used Department. "There's no last-minute finagling on our part. A deal is a deal. It's also worth noting there are times we end up paying more for an item if we find it to be cleaner, in better shape, or more valuable than we originally estimated. Writing a check for a few extra dollars is worth more to us in terms of customer satisfaction and good will than a few extra dollars in profit. That's also the reason we've been around for so long while others have vanished from the scene."

(Remember - just because your camera's replacement model takes 'better' pictures doesn't mean your current camera now takes worse pictures. The pictures it takes are just as good as the day you bought it. And somebody out there would be very happy to buy your 'old hat' gear at a fair price.)

That said, if you have equipment you no longer use or need, you might be surprised at how much it's worth in trade towards new gear, store credit, or a check for the full amount. And if it's not convenient to bring your equipment into our midtown SuperStore personally, we make the process of selling your gear online an easy one. Simply describe the equipment you're interested in trading using our online quote form and within 48-72 hours you will receive a reply containing our offer. You also have the option of getting a quote for your gear over the phone by calling 800-606-6969, extension 2700.

Because the reach of B&H is global, we are continuously contacted by customers from all backgrounds and interests seeking to buy and purchase used gear, both pedestrian and exotic. And it all comes together on the 2nd floor at B&H Photo. Along with a broad selection of film (yup... people still shoot the stuff) and digital cameras, we have a range of used and refurbished optics, lighting gear, and a slew of bags and cases to take them home in.

Aside from trade-ins from customers, B&H also purchases extremely clean, refurbished gear from Nikon, Canon, and other manufacturers and sells them complete with factory warranties at prices far below the retail price of their new, sealed-box equivalents. So if you're looking to buy or sell used or refurbished photo gear, make the Used Department at B&H Photo your first (and probably only) stop.

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spending time in your used department is like taking a stroll through memory lane

They will zip you on the price.

Please provide for each of the following items your estimate of what you will pay for each, not merely a total dollar amount.

Also, what would you provide for each on trade in or store credit with B&H.

Canon camera 50D 15mg — my rating 9

Tokina AT_X Pro DX 12-24mm F4 Asperical for Canon — my rating 9

Lens for Nikon - Nikkor 105mm f/2.5 — my rating 9

Lens for Nikon - Nikkor 50mm f/2 — my rating 9

Nikon body FM 2507981 Top shutter speed is 1/1000. (It is not the pro version.) — my rating 8+

Pentax Body - Asahi SE K1000 8182389 — my rating 8

Thank you for your work on this.

Larry Kaseman


Hi Larry -

  Ways to Sell Your Items to B&H:

  • Fill out and submit our Online Quote Form.
  • Email us a description of what you would like to sell.
  • Call our Used Department at (800) 606-6969 ext. 2700 to receive a quote by phone.

Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions:

Looking for a really clean 70 200mm 2.8 vrii, I have a 300mm f4 af nikon lens that is in excellent condition that I would like to sell to help with the price of the vrii. I also have a 18 50mm dx and 55 300mm dx lens that are in excellent condition. Please give me a quote for all three lens. All lens are in original boxes.

Hi Phil -

  Ways to Sell Your Items to B&H:

  • Fill out and submit our Online Quote Form.
  • Email us a description of what you would like to sell.
  • Call our Used Department at (800) 606-6969 ext. 2700 to receive a quote by phone.
  • Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions: