Cameras For Your Kids


Put a camera into a child's hands, and you may be surprised with the results. Kids are adventerous, and love to play with cameras. Fortunately, you don't have to be afraid of them dropping the more-expensive family camera—there are some made just for them! Here are a couple of snap shooters that were designed for your children.

Vivitar Hello Kitty Digital Camera

The Hello Kitty Camera by Vivitar is all about the look. Hello Kitty is everywhere, and your children will love being able to customize the look of the camera, for all their friends to be envious at playime. You can consider this to be the toy version of the Pentax RS1000, which also has interchangeable face plates.

Besides shooting stills, it can also shoot video and work as a webcam. If you do decide to purchase this cute cam, be sure to pick up some AA batteries as well.

Kalimar Barbie Fixed Focus 35mm camera

Barbie doesn't seem to age, and she is still as popular amongst kids today as she was years ago. This "cool 'n squeezy" Barbie-inspired camera will be appreciated by your child because of the squishy transparent shell and a flower around the lens. It uses 35mm film, and comes with a picture frame and stickers for even more fun during pretend photo-shoot time.

If Barbie isn't your youngster's cup of tea in the playhouse, perhaps your child is the adventerous type and relates more to Dora the Explorer.

Vivitar/Crayola 2.1MP Digital Camera

Adults will probably think of this camera as one of the most alien designs ever, but if I were still a tyke, then I'd say, "Cool!" The shape is akin to a deformed steering wheel, or a monkey's face that you grip by the ears.

This easy-to-use camera has a 2.1MP CMOS sensor, an F/2.8 fixed-focal-length lens, 8MB of memory built in, and includes software for use as a webcam with a Windows computer. This may not be enough for your child, so you'll probably also need to pick up an SD or Eye-Fi card if your kid likes to shoot a lot of pictures, and a pack of AAA batteries.

Holga TIM 135mm

A grape Kool-Aid-colored body, a smiley face on the front, and loads of creative freedom packed into this little plastic body are a great mix for your kid. This Holga 1/2 Frame 35mm Camera lets users shoot with 35mm film, exposing either the left or right part of the frame, or both at the same time, for toy-camera results. The lens can be set to F/11, F/16 or F/22.

If your youngster doesn't appreciate it, perhaps a more artistic person that you know will cherish it.

Lomography 35mm Paper Pinhole Camera


Kids love making things—which is why they'll love this Lomography Pinhole Camera. This little snapshooter is one that your children can put together themselves—a perfect gift for the more inquisitve child. Once it's made, they'll be able to appreciate the fruits of their hard work in the images they shoot.

Would you buy any of these for your kids?

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How come the mp ratings are so low on kid's cameras? They like to take quality pictures, too.