Canon EOS 60D

Canon's newest D-series DSLR— the Canon EOS 60D — features a slew of updates and improvements for shooting stills and video that should warm the cockles of the hearts of pros and serious amateurs alike.

The new Canon EOS 60D body only or Canon 60D with a kit lens features an 18-megapixel CMOS sensor that, thanks in part to its DIGIC 4 image processor, can bang out up to 58 large JPEGs (or 16 RAW files) at burst rates of up to 5.3 frames per second. In the motion-picture department, the EOS 60D is equally adept and can capture 1080p HD video at 30 fps with sound-leveling adjustments, manual focus control, expanded recording, Movie Crop recording in 640 x 480 and an external microphone port for plugging in external mics for improved sound quality.

Still-recording improvements on the EOS 60D include a new 3:2 multiple aspect ratio, in-camera RAW processing (14-bit), in-camera image resizing, an enhanced Face Detection Live mode, Auto Lighting Optimizer and Lens Peripheral Optimization. For low-light shooting, the EOS 60D has an ISO sensitively range that runs from a native 100 through 6400, and is expandable to an equivalent of ISO 12,800.

In the video department (remember when cameras only shot stills?), the Canon EOS 60D can record 1920 x 1080p Full HD video at 30 (29.97), 24 (23.976) or 25 frames per second for up to 4GB per clip. Depending on your needs, HD video can also be recorded at 1280 x 720 at 50/60 frames per second or SD/VGA at 640 x 480 (50/60 fps) with mono sound (built-in) or in stereo using optional plug-in stereo mics.

Audio input levels can be set to Auto or Manual at up to 64 levels. Wind and other external background noise can be minimized via a built-in wind filter. A Quick Control button allows for easy adjustment of image quality, white balance and other settings via a user-friendly LCD interface. Start and end points can also be designated in-camera without needing to first transfer the footage to a computer.

Something new for the EOS line is the 60D's 3" flip-out Vari-angle Clear View LCD, which contains 1,040,000-dots, and can be rotated in a number of angles to best suit your viewing needs when shooting at angles other than eye level. The EOS 60D's optical viewfinder has also been improved over previous models, and now features 96% image coverage along with a transparent LCD that enables the user to easily view exposure data, as well as an Electronic Level that enables you to correct horizontal camera tilt with ease, up to 9° in 1° increments.  

Other features found on the new EOS 60D include an Enhanced iFCL 63-Zone, Dual-Layer metering system, 9-point (f/2.8 cross-type) Autofocus system, and for studio and outdoor fill-flash shooters, a top flash sync speed of 1/250th of a second. There's also a wide selection of shooting and Scene modes including Grainy Black & White, Toy Camera Effect, Soft Focus and Miniature Effect, which emulates the look of an off-axis-shift lens.

The Canon EOS 60D is compatible with the full line of Canon EOS EF and EF-S optics and accepts SD, SDHC, and SDXC memory cards.

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Does being able to have MANUAL AUDIO IMPUT LEVELS mean that we wont have problems with AGC anymore.???????????

Main differences vs the T2i is: Flip LCD,  manual audio input leves, and $200 more expensive...

 The ability to control AGC is nice, but why hasn't Canon released a firmware patch to do the same thing on the 7D? They already have one for the 5DMKII. I hope a firmware patch comes out for the Canon 7D soon.


Seems like Canon is learning a few lessons, like finally a flip out monitor. Would be nice if they would clue in and offer BOTH 24.0 and 23.976 fps. Real 24.0 fps is good for film makers who know what they are doing, and 23.976 is good for people who don't want to understand all that.

Would this Canon 60D be compatible with the BG-E2N battery grip I currently have on my 40D?

What a disappointing camera and I really have to wonder what the Canon marketeers were thinking? Heretofore, Canon had positioned itself with an entry camera (Rebels), an enthusiast/semi-pro (xxd's), and pro cameras (xd).  Now they've created a subclass positioned between the Rebel T2i and 7d.  I can't imagine that there would be a significant market for such a niche DSLR?  Are they planning on dropping the Rebel series in favor of a rebranded xxd as an entry model?

 Is it a plastic body or alloy?

Like the pc market, where the technology increases produce little affect to the end product, new features are not as effective nor desirable as those that made major strides in the foundational technology.  Now we're trying to shoot HD movies on a body made for handheld stills.  Not a great advance to me, but that's my opinion.  Personally, I'm waiting for the 80D.  I understand it will have a 30 megapixel imager, a 8 inch lcd screen, built in wifi, a keyboard I can use a sewing needle on, a 4G phone and a slot to toast my bagel.  After all, I need all this to take a picture.  I compare my 50D and my Elan 7 noting the lack of buttons and knobs on a good ole camera and laugh... 

I am looking into getting a 7D very soon.  Should I look at this camera instead?

Please forgive a **** question: How is AF handled in video mode?  Does it require a focus puller?

How many continuous minutes of video can it shoot/record?  

I have the same question as Kevin.  I have been looking at the 7D.  How does this compare? Is there anywhere to find a good comparison?  Thanks.

 A curious addition. Somewhat better than a Rebel, not as good as the 7D - I can't really see myself getting it (as a current 7D owner). One thing it has going for it is the upside of its plastic body, its relative light weight. After lugging a 7D around England, a lightweight travel camera definitely appeals. But the T2i is even lighter, and I'll bet probably just as good in the image quality area and only marginally inferior in features. Considerably cheaper too!

missing auto focus on the video recording,  like the Nikon D3100

JR wrote:

Missing autofocus that doesn't work very well like on the D3100?

Anonymous wrote:

missing auto focus on the video recording,  like the Nikon D3100



thought Canon was going to come out with an upgrade to the 7d ( I know it's only been a year--Sept '09) with dual media slots( like d300S) to make eveyone happy as well as an affordable Geo-Tagging unit  like Nikon has..  trying to move up from an Xsi 

they could have done that with this 60d but instead focused on video with that swivel screen gizmo... don't care about video in an SLR.. my pocket 850is elph and my Flip can do that .....all they care about is mega-pixels and SLR-video these days

overall disappointed..  :(

p.s.  where's the 100-400is upgrade  it's only been around since 1998

Do they NEED to cram video in every camera.  Will a camera ever again be JUST a camera.  Lets focus on the highest quality still photograph for the money.  How many hundreds of dollars are expended (by the consumer) for useless video.

ATTENTION CANON: If I want to take videos I will by your video recorder.  Leave my CAMERA alone.

 Meh!!!  I'll stick with my 5DMII, only attractive features are the flip down LCD and built in level, not enough to make me envy it.

I didn't see any mention of a headphone jack.  All of this manual audio control is nice, but it would be great to be able to monitor during recording as well.

Now I'm a little confused.  I thought that the 7D was the step up from the 50D.  Now we have a 60D?

 Toy camera/tilt shift effect without a tiltshift lens!  Awesome. Grainy black and white, superb. Manual audio control, a much-needed feature. Articulating screen, great idea borrowed from Nikon. One million plus dot screen, same as my T2i. This camera has a couple features my camera doesn't. I'm not sure if it's worth the $999. I hope I'm getting the price correct. I paid $799 (out the door) for my T2i (body only) at Bel air camera. (

All this conjecture is really unhelpful. Canon make a good range of DSLR product with excellent lenses to match. The results from shooting HD can exceed that you will get from semi pro HD camcorders due to the amazing color accuracy and lens selection with the Canon. The audio - well the agc isn't all that bad if you use an external plug in stereo mic, and I use it as a sync track for any serious audio done in surround on an external Zoom H2 4 channel recorder - or Sony PCM 50D. The picture shoot is to be done carefully - these are not 'run and gun' cameras, but truly creative if you adopt film like approaches to your shoot. Frame the shots, check the lighting, and control the depth of field. Avoid camera shake, use a tripod or jib, and make like a film maker. No substitute for a handycam - ergonomically completely different. You can shoot gorgeous stills at the same time. Be assured - at the price, these are awesomely good value for your money - IF you can take the time to use them sensibly. The only real pain is Canon's insistence of trapping your video preview and quality stream output into their version of a monitor screen preview on the HDMI port .. sigh! If only it was a genuine uncompressed HDMI out in record mode - this would shoot the RED up the pants ... my EOS5DMkII never ceases to amaze me with the low noise and grain-free color accurate HD video that I can get right down to some surprisingly low light levels.

Be grateful for the GOOD points of these cameras and use them to create some really stunning video.

 For me, the 4G limit on video is a showstopper.  When I buy a digital SLR it will be used often on a tripod as a second or third camera to shoot concerts.  As such, it needs to be able to shoot unattended for 2.5h+ in 1080p at decent bitrate.

This camera looks pretty good. Hopefully I can find a good deal on a 50d now. I really would like to upgrade from my Rebel XT.

I'd like to echo the question about the 7D vs the 60D.  As a photographer, I'd describe myself as somewhere between an advanced amateur and a semi-professional. 

I'm much more interested in stills than the video function.  I take a lot of photos, largely scenery, landscapes, wildlife and some close-up shots. They are mainly for our own enjoyment as well as gifts for family and friends. Although, I did place some in a local gallery and have done fairly well selling a few framed and matted shots as well. 

I’m a lifelong Canon user and like a couple of others here had decided on the 7D. But in comparing the specs, the 60D seems to have almost the same features for around $500 less. 
If I go with the 7D, what am I getting for the extra money? 

Also, has anyone heard rumors of an upgrade to the 7D? It has been close to a year since it’s release. I’d like to avoid repeating the mistake I made of purchasing one of the xxD models and within about 6 weeks Canon released the next model for exactly the same price I paid for the then outdated one. 

 I am in a similar situation as Dennis (above).  Replies to his comment would be much appreciated.

This makes me regret buying the 7D, the 60D looks like a better camera for less money....  am I missing something?

Does this camera have a full frame sensor?

Save your money if you are an avid HDSLR Video Shooter

this is an entry level camera, nice but no dice for pro's who shoot Video

Wait till Canon does what all the pro Video shooters are asking in a HDSLR for video

and you will be happy you waited....

I guarantee it :)

Am I the only one who liked the "e" feature? I wish there was a DSLR with that on there. I still find myself using my A2e and Elan 7e because of this feature. It shaves half a second off composure time and allows faster shooting. If they put this on ANY camera, I would buy it... be it a Rebel (ugh) or a xxD or xD.

What is the difference between the 60D and the 7D?  It seems to be the same features.

Canon is asleep at the wheel..

They came out with the full HD video and knocked Nikon on its knee's and they they just fell asleep making a bunch of camera that are basically all different flavors of the same core device.. in the meantime Nikon put out a camera that can shoot video and AUTO FOCUS!!!. Im so annoyed as i have been waiting 2 years for canon to do this very thing. So i guess ill just have to get the 5dMii (cause who wants to switch lenses at this point) and just be dissapointed again, because the moment i order it, canon will release a autofocus version.

Yeah Yeah i know , anyone that is serious about video doesnt need autofocus. blah blah... But for a photographer that doesnt want to carry a camcorder and wants both should get autofocus in video mode. But more important than that is the the fact the the 7d and now the 60d has both a better autofocus engine and twice FPS on the photo sides.

The fact that every single review says that nikon autofocus system always locks in on moving objects better then canon really show that Canon is asleep and not in touch with what the public wants. They want a full fram body with a real focus  engine not a repackaged 5d from 2005, they want a mid range like a 7d and a low end like a xti/T1i.  When are they gonna get that we dont need 10 cameras where the only differentce is a swivel screen... Ugh.. Wake up Canon, your losing market share!!!!!

I'm old school ....a video camera for video and a slr for stills!

No Compact Flash card is a no go for a pro photographer. If I have to buy new cards for the 60D I will soon reach the price of a 7D. It doesn't make sense to me. So clearly it's a prosumer version unlike the 50D. 

How about a 60D with better picture taking abilities - and you can keep your video?

What I was really hoping for was the incorporation of the new AF system from the 7D =/

1. So why can you not record continuously to a 16GB or a 32GB card? 

2. As another asked here, can this camera use the same BG-E2N battery grip? Or will it use an existing battery grip. The info at B&H does not mention the grip.

Since the 5D/MII has a full-frame sensor, I am saving my ******* to buy it. The 21 MP is a nice improvement over my current XSi. I just don't like to have to buy new accessories every time the model is improved.

Also, an advantage of SDHC over CF is the lack of tiny pins that can be bent or broken off by accident. That's what I discovered about my XT when it was first delivered to me. One pin was bent, making it difficult to insert the CF card; and it broke when I touched it with needle-nose tweezers to straighten it. I don't see any problem with the images produced, however.

I would prefer compact flash card capabilty since I already have several. I also would prefer ISO past 12800

When are they going to fix the 1DMK4 for manual audio/no-AGC and continuous autofocus during video???

I also agree with Dennis, below; either it's a still camera or a video camera.  A quality Still camera is what I would prefer; I have point and shoot that do great video, but I do like the Live View feature for studio work.  Canon, bring out a pro full frame camera (such as the 5D Mkll) without the video and keep the price under $2K.

The 60D is all well and good and gives us anotrher choice in the ever expanding DSLR line... but here I must digress and mention that I am salivating heavily in anticipation of Canons version of a mirrorless "EVIL" camera.  I know there are those that say it won't happen but I fail to see how Canon cannot follow the lead of Sony etc... with their own version, hopefully with an adapter to use EOS lenses !

I'm a 7D owner who was so impressed with the camera at work that I bought another one for home use. I shoot only stills. For me, the flip-out LCD viewfinder is the only advantage that is offered by the 60D. I had a flip-out on a Canon G2 many years ago, and it's terrific for ground-level shots of mushrooms and ants, or overhead shots above a crowd. I wish the 7D had it too.

If I had to decide right now between the 7D and 60D, I'd still take the 7D. I've shot thousands of shots both for work and home, and it never fails. It's a bit heavy, but that makes it rugged for that time it drops (and that will happen sooner or later.) If you are serious about your photography and can do without the swing-out LCD, go for the 7D.

I am going to buy a 60D on Saturday.  I won't need to carry both a video camera and also a DSLR.  Good job Canon!!!!!!

No PC Socket  No Use !

The 60D seems to have some interesting new features such as the flip out screen and in camera RAW processing and image resizing, but for me generally this model has nothing new of real substance from a video perspective.

If Canon were serious, the would have bought out full time autofocus off the sensor for video. This feature to me, is literally one of the biggest short comings of all the HDSLR's on the market. Of course the frame rates, manual exposure and manual audio controls are great to have but these inclusions are really no brainers anyway.

Nikon  have wised up with their new D3100 entry level and in my view have guzzumped Canon by miles. AN entry level HDSLR with autofocus in video mode should have been included right from the start in 2008.

Hopefully AF off the sensor will be included in more upcoming models like the 1DS MKIV & 5D MKIII.

My wish list for an HDSLR,

Full Time AF off the sensor for video with face tracking,

Interlaced 60i/50i (what good is 60P/50P for video editing?)

Less compression for video or RAW video options off the sensor (there is a lot lost once h264 is applied which is why on a Mac the files need to get converted to pro res)

XLR mic inputs

HD output from the HDMI during recording for external monitors

Higher ISO, 105,000 like the 1DMKIV

SDI output with HD/SD and embedded audio.

Yes I know I'm basically asking for an ENG camera that looks like an SLR but with the beautiful look of a full frame sensor and amazing Canon glass, why not dream of the possibilities.

Curious how this camera plus the new Nikon 3100 will impact the market place.The only thing this new Canon has over the t2i as other have mentioned is movable high resolution screen. The Nikon on the other hand is more revolutionary in concept with its full time auto focusing system on its video features. We will have to wait to see how it works but if it does work as good as other focusing system on video cameras only that will impact hard on the market place .

For those of you shooting video...Is there any reason I'm not noticing why someone would buy the 7d over this new 60D? Anything the 7D has that the 60D doesn't?

So far the 60D is a winner in my boat! (Sorry for those of you that own a 7D maybe Canon will come out with some firmware that will make your camera better for the extra $700 you spent... but at least it's still a cool camera!)

As far as the T2i goes.. I'd much rather pay the extra to have the 60D solely for the fact that it has a dial on the back you can control exposure with... where with the T2i you have to control exposure by fumbling through an on screen menu.  I don't have the time to mess around when I'm shooting live events like weddings... "um could you do that again, I've got to adjust my exposure..."  And the fact that the 60D has the flip out screen makes it sweet to get those cool angles without having to break your back on low shots or get on stilts for the shots up high just to see how your framing is.  It helps take the guess work out.

Good work Canon... I applaud you!  The 60D is a winner!!!  Keep em' comin!!!

All of these new features and reasonable prices are nice, but I would love to see a camera that would communicate with my 580 EX II flashes.  It's frustrating to see Nikon with a very effective flash Commander, and not have something equal or superior from Canon.  I guess I'll be sticking with my Pocket Wizards for awhile.

If I was really interested in a hybrid type still and HD video camera, the new sony A??, seems to have the most innovation with rapid focus, fixed mirror technology, etc. However, I can't buy a new camera every 8 to 12 months.... still just making due with my ancient and obsolete 40D