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One of the cooler jobs at B&H belongs to the guy in charge of identifying and evaluating the rare and/or oddball items that come through the doors in the B&H Used Department. Due to a great measure of modesty and humility, this particular person prefers to remain anonymous, so let's just call him 'Steve'. The scary part is that 'Steve' can usually identify the oddest pieces in the lot at first sight. And don't be surprised if he points out the brass thing-a-ma-jiggies on the focusing rail aren't original. 'Steve' knows his stuff.

We continuously turn up rare and unique photographica here at B&H, and thanks to 'Steve', these gems can now be browsed through in the new 'Collectables' section of our website. To kick things off we assembled a cross section of notable photographic eclectica available in our Collectables section. Some of these items are original manufactured products, and some are hybrids, i.e. a Zeiss 16mm Hologon with a Leica M mount.

Linhof Technica III 5x7 Folding Rangefinder

This Linhof Technica III 5x7 Folding Rangefinder is a very clean example of a classic 5x7 technical field camera. Unlike most Technica IIIs, which came with a 210mm lens, this camera has a 180/5.6 Schneider Symmar with a (rare) serial number-matched cam.


Zeiss Contarex Hologon 35mm film camera

Zeiss Hologon lenses are universally regarded as the most precise, distortion-free ultra-wide angle lenses ever made. Despite a single aperture fixed at a rather slow f/8, the 108-degree images you get from this lens are truly breathtaking. The Zeiss Contarex Hologon 35mm film camera was the debut-vehicle for the original 15mm-variation of this fabled lens. The camera comes with the original pistol grip (to keep your fingers out of the corners of the picture), a cable release, and a case. Missing from this kit is a center-weighted neutral density filter that was originally included to compensate for the darkened corners due to vignetting. But remember, you can always scan the film and lighten the corners equally well in Photoshop.

Zork Shift Adapter
Zork Shift Adapter

If you own Hasselblad lenses and want to use them on your 35mm Contax camera body, you might want to check out the Zork Shift Adapter. As the name implies, this adapter also allows for (limited) shift adjustments if you have a hankering to take architectural photographs.
Nikon 3.5cm (35mm) Viewfinder
Nikon 3.5cm (35mm) Viewfinder

Why on Earth would you want to buy a 1950's-vintage Nikon 3.5cm (35mm) Viewfinder? Well for one thing, if you own a Canon G-series camera- i.e. G9, G7, G6, etc, etc, or other digicam with a 35mm equivalent wide angle lens and a hot shoe - you can slip this puppy on and shoot classic Leica style. No more teeny-weeny peepholes or sun-washed LCDs. Go ahead; put a little 'Cartier-Bresson' into your next slide show. Besides, it looks really cool sitting atop a Canon 'G'.
Rollei 30/3.5 F-Distagon Fisheye Lens
Rollei 30/3.5 F-Distagon Fisheye Lens

How's this for extreme- a Rollei 30/3.5 F-Distagon Fisheye Lens for vintage Rollei SL-66 camera bodies. This lens captures 180-degree coverage across a full 2-1/4sq. frame. When 'squared' with a bubble-level, you get a straight horizon line, and everything else goes Bozo. The good news is that if you scan the resulting images, you can digitally correct them with any number of 'de-barrelizer' software applications available these days.

Gowland Pocket View 4x5 Camera

The Gowland Pocket View 4x5 Camera is one of the smaller 4x5 field cameras you're likely to encounter. Weighing in at about 2lbs, it folds down to a truly compact 7 x 8-3/8 x 2". The example we currently have in stock is particularly rare because it features a revolving back as opposed to the fixed, horizontally-oriented back found on most versions of this camera

But remember, B&H is a store and what's here today may not necessarily be here tomorrow, or in 10-minutes for that matter. The good news is, we're always getting more, so bookmark us and stop by often.

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