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Psst! We're going to let you in on a little secret that we want you to tell everyone about. Here at B&H, we have a Computer Services Center (CSC). It is staffed by a crack team of specialists able to accomplish a multitude of tasks, and they are more than happy to answer customers' questions. Take a look at our interview with them, after the jump.

Chris: How long has the CSC been around?  And what about the non-linear engineering group?

CSC: The CSC was built in concert with the 2nd floor expansion to the Superstore, so that's about 3 years.  Believe it or not, the non-linear engineering group has been at B&H for over 18 years!

Chris: Tell us about the Computer Services Center here at B&H. What niche does it fill here?

CSC: Well, we offer a wide range of computer services here at B&H. From memory upgrades on new or used computers, to cleaning computers from virus and malware infections, we offer it all. What makes us stand out from the rest is our professionalism, knowledge, and of course, those world famous B&H prices. We have had customers come to us from our competitors, in distress, telling us of the nightmare scenarios they have experienced. They invariably leave being compellingly satisfied with our work, and convinced of our ability to resolve all their needs. I think that alone makes us New York’s best kept secret.

Chris: The rumor is that you do data recovery for hard drives and CF cards. Is this true?

CSC: Well, it’s no rumor—with the volume of customers we receive on a daily basis. Some are tourists or consumers who want to save their personal memories, and others are pros whose reputation is on the line. 

Chris: How do you feel our “creative professionals” could benefit from using B&H’s CSC services?

CSC: Our professional photo, video and audio customers have one thing in common: Their work is centered on computers. Whether they are editing video, retouching in Photoshop, or sweetening audio tracks, they are most likely on a computer, and when that computer acts up they are in trouble.  We’re here to help, whether it’s engineering a custom workstation solution, recovering their lost data, or removing nasties from their computers.

Chris: Where are you guys located?

CSC: We are located inside the B&H Superstore, on the second floor, adjacent to the computer sales area.

Chris: How about in- and out-of-warranty computer repairs? There are lots of customers, I’m sure, that keep one computer for years and years, which need repairs.

CSC: One of the benefits of our service center is that we are an authorized service provider for Sony, ASUS, HP, and Apple. So if the customer experiences any technical difficulties, we can facilitate warranty repairs for them. And when customers go out of warranty or choose to hold onto their beloved machines for a number of years, we can help too. With previous-generation computers, we have a lot of success locating those hard to find parts, due to our partnership with the aforementioned manufacturers. That gives us a unique opportunity to service customers on all levels.

Chris: If I wanted to buy a Macbook for someone, would you be able to do some minor tweaks, like maxing out the RAM? What other services do you offer to enhance a Macbook beyond what the manufacturer offers?

CSC: Yes, we do offer memory upgrades. We can also upgrade to a bigger hard drive, or replace the hard drive with an SSD. And because we are a fully authorized Apple Service Provider, there are no issues with your warranty. Other possible upgrades that customers like are software options, e.g., Microsoft Office, Apple Final Cut Express, Apple iWorks or Adobe Photoshop. We also offer Microsoft Windows installation on a Mac, either on Parallels Desktop or via Boot Camp.

Chris: I’ve heard that this department custom-builds computers (both Mac and PC). Tell me more, please. 

CSC: Part of the B&H CSC is the non-linear engineering group. They are the folks that configure, build and test workstations for video editing, graphics and color correction. We have many pre-configured solutions to choose from, but we will always accommodate a custom request, should a customer like to make a change. 

Chris: What sort of customer has such needs?

CSC: We have a broad range of customers who need this service. A good portion of our customers are talented artists, but maybe not so technical. They'd rather be busy editing the perfect wedding or event, than messing around with technical headaches. We also have lots of customers in the government/EDU arena who just want to receive a polished working solution. They need multiple machines, and simply don’t have the technical resources to do it themselves. Then there are the broadcasters and post production customers who don’t want to make use of an expensive engineer's time for assembling workstations. And, that 1-year warranty is an extra level of comfort for everyone.

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i dropped an external drive while it was connected to my laptop and not it doesn't recognize on my computer. I've purchased a new hard drive and would like to get the data from the old drive recovered to it. What is your charge for such a service? 


Craig Theisen

.........."It is staffed by a crack team of specialists"....... "removing nasties ".........

interesting group of a guys..