Despite the Renaming, LED TVs ARE Still LCD TVs!


The most compelling technology story of 2009 was actually a marketing story. Samsung nearly single-handedly managed to re-label an emerging category of LCD TVs as LED TVs. The campaign was Initially received by tech-knowledgeable consumers and Samsung’s competitors as unorthodox at best, misleading at worst. After all, Samsung was still selling LCD TVs no matter whether florescent- or LED-backlit. But as the year unfolded the outrage subsided and competitors started adopting the same terminology as a brilliant marketing strategy.

Besides Samsung, Toshiba, Sharp, and Viore have now rebranded many of their LCD TVs as LED TVs. Look what you get when you search for LED TV at B&H:

A year ago this same search query would have turned up next to nothing. Now, it returns some 30 in-stock LED TVs--mainly thanks to successful marketing.