Diana Lenses for Video? Oh, Yeah!


Hey indie filmmakers! If your next flick calls for a wild dream sequence or soft focus under-the-influence, you should check out this little ditty from Lomographic. The Diana F+ Lens Adapter allows you to use the sweet, ********* goodness of a Diana lens on your video-enabled DSLR. Popular with fine art photographers and students, Diana glass ******* is bringing a new look to the moving image.

The adapter bayonets directly to the front of a Canon or Nikon camera. Choose any one of the standard, wide-angle, telephoto, or fisheye lenses from Lomo’s popular Diana cams. The results are crazy-cool. Creepy exteriors, chemically-enhanced night shots, and dream sequences are easily captured in-camera -- making it easier to create a practical effect and saving you some valuable time in post.

 The Adapter, Fisheye Lens, and Telephoto Lens are a low-cost way to get some serious production value.  The Diana F+ Lens Adapter sells for under $15. Lenses start at under $35 bucks. I’d recommend picking up a Canon or Nikon rear lens cap -- the adapter doesn’t come with one. If you’re a filmmaker looking for something a little different, keep one in your bag.

David Flores is a photographer and filmmaker based in New York City.

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Would love to see some sample photos that were taken using this system.

Some video samples would really be cool

 bit.ly/6QSX4p why is it so much more expensive on this site.  B&H FTW.