Documenting the Wild World


Great nature photographs don’t happen by chance. A blend of good light and a strong composition are keys to creating images that have impact and meaning. When layered with a natural moment, remarkable images are born from the photographer’s vision, combining anticipation and execution.

For the past twenty years, Ralph Lee Hopkins has traveled the world with Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic in search of great nature images. With examples from his work over the past decade, this presentation will focus on the “Top Ten Essentials” you’ll need to capture extraordinary nature images, whether it’s grand landscapes, evocative wildlife portraits or close-up pictures of wildflowers.

Documenting the Wild World Part 1

Documenting the Wild World Part 2

Documenting the Wild World Part 3

Documenting the Wild World Part 4

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Thanks for a great review.  My only disappointment is it would have been great to see all the pics rather than being focused on the presenter most of the time.