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Tomorrow, Friday August 27, Jasmine Star is shooting a LIVE wedding as part of a groundbreaking worldwide 5-day wedding photography course hosted at creativeLIVE. In this 45-minute video, Jasmine gives us a walk through on how she approaches the day of a wedding. Tune in for this free photography workshop supported by B&H.



Bonus Video:

During her first year as a wedding photographer, Jasmine Star attended Zack Arias's OneLight workshop. But the story that changed her professional life had nothing to do with flash or apertures. Jasmine says that the minute she changed her perspective and started shooting her small weddings as though she were shooting them for Grace Ormonde or Martha Stewart Weddings was when she started moving into the type of work that she most wanted to do.


This second clip was an earlier response to an online Twitter post during Jasmine Star's LIVE wedding photography course taking place this week at creativeLIVE. Jasmine leads a free, live online workshop on wedding photography built around the planning, shooting and aftermath of a real wedding.


The complete 5-day workshop is happening LIVE this week, and is available at


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So,..what's the bottom line except the dark charge gig?

Jasmine-Your Awsome !! Very informative- I learned so much. Thank You !!  :)

Thanks for posting these, the wedding walk through she went through so fast, it was nice to listen again.

I had the pleasure of seeing Jasmine address wedding filmmakers at Re:frame 2010. She is a very engaging and dynamic speaker who will give you 2 hours worth of material in 1/2 hour. Super-cool woman and an inspiration for me as a former photographer and a current wedding filmmaker.

Already a loyal B&H customer, but this is a really amazing thing you and creativelive have put together. thank you so much!

B&H & creativeLIVE - thanks for keeping it real so we can all learn from Jasmine Star! This course is already epic and there are still 3 days left!  

SUCH an AMAZING opportunity to get to watch Jasmine Star shoot and teach LIVE!

Thanks for the support B&H!!!!!


Thank You for supporting CreativeLIVE! A thousand times, thank you!!