Getting Organized with Rip-Ties

If you’re a photo/video person, you own cables. I’m not talkin’ one or two power cords. Somewhere in your home or office there’s a big box with everything from stingers to strobe leads, USB extensions to FireWire daisy chains. This gaggle of cable will cause infinite frustration when you’re looking for one specific piece. Thankfully the folks at Rip-Tie offer an organizational solution with handy, low-cost Straps and CableWraps.

Rip-Tie Straps and CableWraps come in a variety of sizes and colors to classify your equipment and keep things neat. Using a simple “hook and loop” closure, one end of the wrap is attached to your cable permanently. The open end is lined with touch-fastener material for simple, secure closure.
To manage USB, FireWire, and other short computer cables, try a 10-pack of Rip-Tie Light Duty ½” Black Straps. Professional looking and easy to use, these are preferred by working image makers everywhere. If color-coding is your thing, there’s also a Rainbow 10-pack available. Both sets sell for around $5 -- a small price to pay for organizational bliss. I use the ½ x 12” version for longer tether cables like the Iogear 16’ USB Booster
Stingers -- better known as extension cords -- are among the messiest components of a photo/video kit. Rip-Tie 1 x 14” CableWraps keep up to 50’ of heavy duty cable in check. Sold as a 10-pack, these are also great for long strobe leads and custom network cable. If you don’t need to wrangle that many fifty-footers, Rip-Tie also offers a 2-pack of 1 x 18” Cinch Straps. These are double-stitched to provide years of daily use.
It’s time for Spring Cleaning! Pull out that cable drawer or box and get cracking. Getting organized today will save you time and sanity tomorrow.
David Flores is a photographer and filmmaker based in New York City.