Gorilla Magnetism!!!


You already know about the Gorillapod -- the quirky little tripod with the bendy legs for attaching your camera to posts, fences, and tree branches. The latest iteration, the Gorillapod Magnetic, adds door hinges and steel poles to the list with surprisingly powerful magnetic feet. Support for up to 11.5 ounces puts pocket cams and shoot and share camcorders right at home atop the tripod’s included quick release.

While it’s not the best idea to try one of these at the long end of a metal baseball bat, there are plenty of other places to use your new magnetic tripod. Canon S90 on a road sign? Flip MinoHD on the refrigerator door?

The Gorillapod Magnetic is available from B&H for less than $25. Where will you stick attach it?

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Gotta get me one of those!