Green Day's Call for Cranky Consumers


The 40th Anniversary of Earth Day might inspire some of us to conserve electricity by pulling AC adapters from wall outlets and curbing the excessive use of disposable batteries. While converting our homes to wind-or solar-power may be beyond our means, exerting a little elbow grease is within all our budgets. That's why the Sima CR-200 Crank Power Radio & Flashlight makes so much sense.

Especially useful when there's a blackout or you go camping or to a picnic, the all-in-one AM/FM/ weather-band radio and tri-LED flashlight contains an internal battery that you charge by turning the hand crank. The crank can be rotated in either direction, but you should exert at least two revolutions per second.  According to Sima, a 3-minute wind-up is good for up to 35-minutes of radio play at mid-volume. Powering up may not be as easy as inserting double-A's, but, suddenly, being green isn't limited to Kermit the Frog.

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