Introducing the B&H Photo Video Android App!


Today we are proud to announce the release of the highly-anticipated B&H Photo Video Android app. Available for free and immediate download from the Android Market, the B&H Photo Video app will allow customers to search, browse, shop, etc. from their Android device. An added functionality over the iPhone app is the addition of your wishlist.

The B&H Photo Video Android app is compatible with all versions of Android, with special functions available to users who have later versions of the operating system. One of these functions is the ability to move the app to the SD card in order to retain extra space on your device.

Our Android app is a faster alternative to browsing the website from your mobile device.


The homescreen of the Android app allows you to log into your account, search for an item and browse the store. Browsing brings up a list of categories such as Photography, Camcorders, Professional Video and more, for a more catalog-style experience.

Another new feature to the Android app is the ability to browse the Used store at B&H Photo Video.

Above these options on the Homescreen is a photo of the front of the store. Clicking on this photo brings you to a screen listing contact information for B&H Photo Video. Additionally, today's store hours are listed.

Further down this screen, you can actually get directions from wherever you are to the store, for easier navigation of Midtown Manhattan. If you're a tourist on vacation in NYC and don't know your way around, the app will help you cut through the hustle and bustle.

The Store

With the Android app, users will be able to access every item available in the store. When conducting a search, they will be able to sort by relevance, price and rating. Furthermore, users can filter their searches by variables such as:

- Price Range

- Free Shipping

- In Stock

- Discontinued

- Brand

- Category (Pro Audio, Video, etc.)

When you've customized your filters, you can click "Done" in the top right corner of the screen.

Those of you familiar with the B&H Photo Video website will feel right at home knowing that all these filters are available.

Certain items in the store will also include Guides and Manuals (such as the Canon 5D Mk II) that are available for download. That means that you'll be able to whip out the manual on the spot when you can't remember how to manually set the exposure while recording video.

Sharing items with friends is also very simple. If you wanted to share the Bokeh Master's Kit with your cinematographer friends, you can look up the item and click the share button. The button then displays a number of options, depending on which apps are installed on the device.

Settings Button

Hit the settings button on your Android device, and it will bring up the options to either head back to the home page, browse different categories, search, view your cart, or control access to different tabs such as Guides and Manuals that have been downloaded, Notifications, My Wishlists, Your Order History, Browse by Brand, etc. These options will be valued by frequent purchasers and small business owners that need to make fast purchases.

Throughout the entire app, hitting the settings button will always bring up these controls for the user.


For those of you not familiar with wishlists, these are items that you can keep saved for quick access. Think of them as your favorites and—in most cases—items that you want eventually to purchase but aren't ready to yet. The app also allows you to search the wishlists of friends and family, so if you know someone who is a frequent customer of the store, perhaps you'll be able to find the perfect item that would fit the bill as a gift.

Keep this in mind when you want to do some last-minute shopping from your phone.

Try out the app and let us know what you think of it, in the comments below.

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 If only you could get it to recognize my NAPP membership, this would really be a winner! 

Great write up Chris! 

What's next Shawn, a B&H conveyer belt game for the iPad?

Thanks for the app, works great...

Good app for shopping.