Introduction to Portrait and Beauty Retouching


Retouching is a balancing act and an art. While you want to correct facial imperfections and blemishes, you also want to retain skin texture and maintain a realistic image. This presentation by Lindsay Adler will introduce you to the basic tools, techniques and programs used to retouch portrait and beauty images.

Ms. Adler begins by reviewing a few important Photoshop concepts, including duplicate layers and layer masks. Next, she’ll cover the essential tools of retouching including Clone Stamp, Spot-Healing brush, Patch tool and the new Content Aware Fill tool. A variety of techniques will be covered, including brightening eyes, whitening teeth and adding vignettes.

Ms. Adler also touches upon more advanced retouching techniques including the Liquify tool for modifying body and face shape. Finally, you’ll learn about a variety of Photoshop plug-ins that makes the job of retouching significantly easier! Programs that will be discussed include Portraiture, Portrait Professional, and Nik ColorEfex Pro. Ms. Adler also covers advanced retouching techniques including applying makeup and adding textures.

Introduction to Portrait and Beauty Retouching Part 1
Introduction to Portrait and Beauty Retouching Part 2

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