Music for Wet Heads


Nothing beats floating in your pool or enjoying your hot tub unless you count the addition of music. The Grace Digital Aqua Sounder is a transmitting dock for your iPod, paired with a waterproof floating speaker. The speaker (left) can be up to 150 feet away. The transmitter is powered by four AA batteries or an included AC wall plug. The speaker seals in six AAs, good for up to 10 hours of your favorite sounds.

You can add up to nine Floating Accessory Speakers to your system, for a total of 10 speakers. The speaker is round and submersible, but it's not recommended for use as the ball in a game of pool volleyball or water polo. Each speaker is equipped with two bright-blue LED lights on each side, heightening the mood at night. Controls on the speaker let you adjust the volume and the amount of light.

For those interested in more technical specifications, analog transmissions are at 900MHz. The frequency range is 50Hz - 20KHz. The 6.5-inch diameter speaker weighs 1 lb 11.4 oz. The 6-watt powered speaker contains a 3-inch driver. It's the perfect pool party player for the soundtrack to your summer.