Navigating the Grand Central Photo Safari


Have you ever been on a safari with B&H? Our safaris, run by the B&H Event Space, aren't for the weak of heart—you'll be tasked to search for priceless artifacts, untold treasures, and Pegasus, amongst other things. At least that's how it was on our recent Grand Central Photo Safari Adventure, where many people posted their best images, and some won prizes!

 Photo by Jaydorfmanphotography (first place winner)

Essence of Grand Central

B&H has hosted safari adventures in the past at Central Park, Times Square and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. We also did a photo safari at the Transit Museum, but we really wanted to make this one special. The prizes were:

1st place – Lensbaby composer + Gorillapod SLR

2nd place- Diana camera from Lomography + Original Gorillapod (for point and shoots)

3rd place – $50 B&H Gift card

4th place- 5 Million Dollar Home Camera Bag

5th place- Gorillapod SLR-Zoom

When attendees arrived, they were given a list of clues to find and photograph. Each clue required a bit of critical thinking. On the list was Perseus's Mount, Whisperer, motion, Vanishing Point, etc. Some of these hints are within the history of Grand Central itself, such as the Whisperer, which is actually the Whispering Gallery, a place where the acoustic design can make a whisper sound like a shout.

Men in suit

Then there were other clues, such as men in suits. The photo above was shot by Mirvallan, and is our second place winner.

Though the answers to the clues weren't totally etched in stone, the judges did have an idea of what they were looking for. For example, one of the clues was "Opal Face." The judges meant for a specific clock to be photographed, but indeed there are opal faces all over Grand Cental Station in NYC.

Grand Central Station Clock

The fourth place photo, shot by carynseifer, was the answer to the "Opal Face" clue. The photos often call for technical accuracy, creative perspectives, and original ideas.

Lost in a Crowd

Photo by Johnredin (3rd place winner)

This was my first safari with the company, and it was some of the best fun I've had as a photographer while not shooting a serious gig. The safari was a social experience that brought together photographers of varying skill levels. Attendees traded information with one another and tried to help each other with clues, even though they were competing to get their hands on one of those prizes.

Vanishing Point #1

Photo by Austinite cowboy (5th place winner)

As photographers, we all know how nice it is to be able to relate to other people about our passion. The opportunity to talk to all those people, brand new faces that I had never met, was one of the best parts of the safari. Whether we were talking about gear, how to pull off the technical aspects of shooting a particular subject, or not giving hints to the attendees, it was great to get out of the office and work with the people that are most dear to us.

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I love John Redin's "Lost in a Crowd" shot. Perfect.

As a wedding photographer, the Men in Suit shot is my favorite. Their body language, the warm colors, and the wardrobe choices make it all the more romantic.

Great images, looks like a lot of fun and educational as a bonus. When's the next one?