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When last we looked at B&H as a fashion outlet (Dressing for the Tropics), we seemed fixated on the waist up. People would stop me and say: "But Mike, what about pants?" Everyone needs them, especially pros who benefit from extra padding around the knees and hips, pockets that zip and waterproof, breathable fabric. So, today we visit the changing room, virtual like the rest of our just-try-to-kick-the-tires site.

B&H stocks AquaTech Field Pants, a line of high-performance, three-layer clothing. Made of waterproof yet breathable Antartech fabric, the full-length pants are built for the strenuous work of professional photographers. Field pants are meant to be worn over your everyday pants.

The knees are padded for protection so you can kneel for extended periods without experiencing pain. The hips are also padded for carrying gear in side pockets or on a utility belt. The calves are zippered for easy on and off over boots. (See close-up, left). Also, some of the pockets contain waterproof zippers so you can feel assured that smaller items like memory cards or batteries won't slip out on their own. Can you spot three zippered pockets on the black pants (above right)?

In case you're confronted by a stampeding herd of bison, the pants should stay up as you beat a hasty retreat. The AquaTechs each feature an adjustable waist with belt loops. Still, you should choose an appropriate size. See the chart below:

Welcome to the Fitting Room
Size  M  L  XL  XXL
Waist (inches) 30-34 34-36 36-38 38-42

There's camo, short for camouflage. Wear it, and you'll blend into the bush. And black as in... black. Be one with the night. And moss as in a rolling stone gathers no gloss. But pictures are more appropriate here.

All Together Now!
Camo Black Moss

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Interesting collection - why don't you carry Blackhawk clothing too? Or Propper? Propper makes the best stuff out there and Blackhawk has a tremendous number of options. These offerings you're showcasing here are nice and all - but if you want real clothing that takes a beating and lasts - check out BlackHawk and Propper.  

As long as you are bringing up tactical clothing, I have been swearing by 5.11 tactical pants for years. They are the original and are still the best. I tell every photog out there about them.