Note from the Editor: Introducing Perspectives

Here at B&H Insights, we’re excited to share with you a few new initiatives which we have in store for the future. In addition to adding to our roster of influential guest writers, we’ll also be interviewing and sharing the perspectives of many of those prominent and inspiring photographers whom we work with on a daily basis, in both text and video format.

We’re fortunate to work with some of the most influential and inspiring photographers in the world. Over the years, these relationships have led to great talks and seminars at our Event Space, and many substantive articles right here on Insights. We want to expand on these insightful collaborations, and share these significant sources of inspiration and knowledge.

Our intent is for Insights to be a destination where amateurs, consumers, professionals—anyone interested in finding creative perspectives about the craft and art of photography—can visit on a daily basis and leave inspired, ready to translate what they have learned into distinctive photographs.

We feel that Insights perfectly complements our learning center B&H InDepth, where you’ll find excellent buying guides, equipment reviews, tips and tutorials.