PhotoPlus 2013: TetherTools Cable Management and Support Systems


Tethering is an evolving field ever since digital came into the picture. Luckily, TetherTools has you covered. Featuring everything from your basic cable (a nice bright orange, so you can see it) to stands and support for iPads and laptops.

Their Rock Solid line is just that, giving you a range of options to customize your cable setup in your studio or camera rig. Protect your cables with the popular jerk stoppers, and make sure you don't damage your equipment. 

The new Wallee is a case for your iPad that features a convenient mount for attaching any accessory you may need. Just twist on the 1/4"-20 socket and use a tripod, or use the hand grip for some portability. They have something for everything. If there are cables in your setup, I'm sure TetherTools has something to help you out.

Editor's Note: This post was written by Shawn Steiner

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