PhotoPlus Expo 2010: Canon USA


The legendary Chuck Westfall, technical advisor in the Professional Products Marketing Division at Canon U.S.A., agreed to give our readers a preview of what his company is presenting at the 2010 PhotoPlus Expo here in NYC.

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 What about EOS 5d Mark III ????????????  I'm still using original 5D and don't want to invest in Mark II when it's over 2 years old.   Mark III ?  When?  When?  When?

Just like you, I need a 2nd camera.  I always try to skip a generation.  There are rumors floating around that Canon will announce 5D mk III, 6 months earlier then their usual 3 year cycle.  That would make it sometime in Spring 2011.   Again, just rumors.  Enjoy your Mk II.  I'll wait a little bit longer.

I'm still shooting film with my dad's 1969 M-4. It works great. Don't need to replace it every year.

Just sayin'...

Some other insight / input from a Canon Rep.: