Printing with Lightroom – Part 3, by Seth Resnick of D65


This is part 3 in a series on printing from LIghtroom by Seth Resnick of D65. Lightroom printing is really a dream and much easier than printing from Photoshop. Todays blog covers The Image Settings Panel, The Layout Panel, The Guides Panel, The Page Panel, and Identity Plate.







Image settings are used to rotate, crop and fit images in a layout. The menu choice will change depending on whether you have Single Image / Contact Sheet selected or whether you have Picture Package or Custom Package selected.

The Image Settings Panel when Single Image / Contact Sheet is selected.

• Zoom To Fill Frames: Fills the frame, cropping the edges as necessary.

• Rotate To Fit: Rotates images to produce the largest image for the layout.

• Repeat One Photo per Page: This option allows you to repeat a photo multiple times on a page.

• Stroke Border: You can add a color border to your image to be printed by clicking on the color picker, choosing the appropriate color and adjusting the width of the border with the slider.


The Layout Panel is available for the Single Image / Contact Sheet Layout Style. The Cell Panel is available for Picture Package and Custom Package. The Layout Panel controls margins, page grid, cell spacing and cell sizes.

The Layout Panel

• Ruler Units: Sets the ruler to either inches, centimeters, millimeters, points or picas

• Margins: Sets the page margins. Changing the margin will move the image in the layout in real time

• Page Grid: Provides control over the number of cell rows and columns

• Cell Spacing: Controls the space between cells for rows and columns

• Cell Size: Controls the size of the image cells


The Guides Panel shows or hides rulers, page bleed, margins and gutters, and image cells. The guides can be turned on and off for Page Bleed and layout purposes. The coolest feature of all in Guides is Dimensions, which really belongs under Print Job. By checking Dimensions and unchecking Print Resolution in the Print Job Dialog box, the file will be ripped at the native resolution with no upsizing or downsizing. This in itself makes Lightroom worth every dime.

PRINTING WORKFLOW TIP: Uncheck Print Resolution in the Print Job Dialog box and check Dimensions and the file will be printed at the native resolution, yielding the best possible print.

The Guides Panel

With Dimensions checked and Resolution in the Print job box unchecked. the print will be made at the optimum native resolution which in this case would be 350 ppi.


Lightroom provides the ability to print various metadata as an overlay from the Photo Info dialog box, along with your Identity Plate and/or watermark. Many photographers like to put their copyright or logo on proof images and this is the place to create those overlays

Page Panel

Identity Plate

If you have created an Identity Plate, you can choose to include it in your printing by checking this option. You can rotate the Identity Plate with the degree option on the right by clicking on it and selecting No Rotation, Rotate on screen 90, 180 or -90. To move the Identity Plate, simply drag it to the desired location. 

New in Lightroom 3: The Identity Plate can be moved with precision by selecting it and using the arrow keys.

• Opacity: Controls the opacity of the Identity Plate

• Scale: Controls the size of the Identity Plate

• Render behind every image: The Identity Plate will appear behind the photo

• Render on every image: The Identity Plate will appear centered on every photo in a multi-photo layout. It can be further scaled using the controls in the Overlays panel

If you have created a Watermark, you can choose to include it in your printing by checking this option.

Page Options

• Page Numbers: The page numbers will be printed on the bottom right of each page.

• Page Info: The sharpening setting, profile setting and printer name will be printed on the bottom of each page.

• Crop Marks: Crop marks can be printed around the image for use as a cutting guide.

Photo Info

You can include the filename, title, keywords and caption excerpted from the metadata to print below each image. Select Photo Info and click the drop down menu to the right.

• Date: Prints the creation date of the photo

• Equipment: Prints the camera and lens information

• Exposure: Prints the shutter speed and f/stop

• Filename: Prints the name of the image

• Sequence: Prints sequential numbers based on how many images are printed as in 1/4, 2/4, 3/4, 4/4 for a sequence of 4 images.

• Custom Text: Prints any custom text entered

• Edit: For editing in the Text Template Editor

Font Size

You can set the size of the font chosen in point size.

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This blog will continue with Part IV on the Lightroom Print Module

(Excerpted from D-65's Lightroom Workbook Workflow, Not Workslow in Lightroom 3)

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