The Random Adventures of J. Diamond


It all began in the back seat of my grandparents’ car when I was seven years old. While riding with my entourage of stuffed animals, I became inspired to use my very first camera, a hot pink Kodak 110 Instamatic. During the short duration of the trip, I used an entire roll of film to photograph my furry friends.

That was more than 20 years ago, and since then I’ve traveled around the world and have learned a lot about photography.

I was born with wanderlust and constantly crave new experiences, whether it’s moving to a different continent where I don’t know a single person, exploring abandoned mental hospitals, eating live insects from the Amazon rainforest or discovering unusual restaurants in the heart of Queens. But with New York City as my current anchor, I never need to travel far to find a wealth of interesting events, people and adventures, all of which provide endless subject matter for whichever camera I happen to be carrying.

For the last three years I have been working as the Event Space Producer at B&H. The Event Space opened in November of 2007, and is the largest educational initiative ever launched by B&H. We host a variety of events that consist of instructional workshops, inspirational lectures and classes taught by our very own “B&H Mavens,” experts in a variety of disciplines.

A significant part of my job is discovering talented photographers to speak about their personal work and share the stories of their success. There are a number of ways I find speakers, including researching photography blogs, attending industry parties, going to gallery openings and reviewing proposals from aspiring photographers.

I also teach “Figuring Out Flickr” at the Event Space, a crash course on the Web 2.0 benefits of Flickr. A larger sampling of my random adventures in New York City, Third-World jaunts, abandoned interiors and experiments with self-portraiture can be found at

To see some of the events that Jennifer Diamond has produced for the B&H Event Space, click here.

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I really dig those pictures, Jennifer!

All I know is somewhere out there is an ******** or shoebox containing photographs of stuffed animals taken in the back seat of your grandparents Buick and you owe it to us to find them and post them!

Fair is fair!

Great pix Jen, and it's so refreshing to see pix taken by someone who actually 'sees' what's going on around them!

What a great post! I hope to see more images and stories in the weeks to come! 

Great photos. You take the ordinary and add your own take on it.

Thanks everyone :)