Real Exposures Episode 2: Sean Kernan

The B&H Event Space is pleased to present a new series entitled "Real Exposures," which features one-on-one interviews with industry professionals such as high-profile photographers and filmmakers.

This provocative program will provide an intimate glimpse into the life of the artist through honest, direct and thought-provoking questions delivered by David Brommer and Jennifer Diamond. The goal of "Real Exposures" is to break down the barrier between the audience and the guest by “exposing” the real person behind the talent.

The second of episode of "Real Exposures" brings Sean Kernan to the studios of B&H for a discussion on the creative process and his unique approach to developing a compelling body of work, two books and a sought-after workshop experience. David Brommer, who studied with Sean in 2008 at the Maine Media Workshop, pries insights and secrets from Sean that will shed light on his diverse photographic life.

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Inspirational in the sense he has encouraged me to put aside the day-to-day stress of planning, planning, planning, and just go shoot.  And then shoot what I feel, "the feeling", and not worry so much on does it please everyone else.


Terrific work. Gimmick free production made interesting by the high calibre of the conversation. Thank you.

 Thanks for doing this, B&H, very nice to have this available on the web.

Comment:  can you work on your lighting just a bit?  Those "owl eyes," heavily shadowed sockets, could be fixed pretty easily. Especially given all of the gear at your fingertips.

Like the comment above, I appreciate the gimmick free production. But a little fill wouldn't hurt.


David, Good choice.  The wonderful thing about listening to Sean is that he always makes me see more.

 This is AWESOME! Good to see both of you again!