Rummage Sale of Dreams

 In this tight economy buying new video equipment is painful to contemplate, but if need – or longing – dictates, the pain can be eased with a trip to the B&H Used Department . 

I liken our Used Department to a rummage sale, but filled with wonders you’re unlikely to find at standard Saturday morning affairs on a string of front lawns or garages. There’s no need to get out the paper or follow cardboard signs on the side of the road to your destination when perusing the video offerings at the Used Department – we display all the available used gear on our website under easy to browse headings. Admittedly, at a rummage sale there’s generally a kid nearby selling lemonade, (sorry, we can’t get lemonade through that series of tubes known as the Internet but rest assured, if we could, we would).

Of course, you can also come and visit the Used Department at the B&H Superstore, here in New York City. Should you choose an in-person visit the likelyhood of lemonade, or other refreshments nearby, is almost guaranteed (I recommend the stand on the corner of 9th and 34th). Another plus of the real-time visit is that you get a hands-on experience with what just might be just the thing that'll change your life.

At any given time you’ll find in our Used Department a wide array of consumer camcorders, professional and prosumer cameras, lenses, and other accessories to augment your video arsenal. If you're looking to trade-up or simply cash-in, the Used Department can help you out with that as well. To mull over the current offerings of video wonders that await you in the Used Department just click here. And, if you’re looking for other used equipment for photo, audio, or other needs you can click here to be whisked away to the B&H Used Department’s home page. In-person visits can happen at our Used Department in the B&H Superstore at 420 9th Ave in New York. If you'd like to speak with someone before you stop by, give our friendly staff a call at: 1.800.606.6969 ext. 2700. Happy rummaging! 

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 I would make mention of the fact that you can now do online quotes, quite convenient!! 

Additionally, for those who are heavy into RSS like me, hit up and get alerted when new items get added to the used arsenal.

(Megan, *gauranteed. On the plus side, I do read it carefully :))

Actually it is "guaranteed" not "gauranteed".