Satchel-Style Bags


There are times when you want to carry your camera and a lens or two, but you don’t want to carry a bag that screams “Within me is a camera!” Satchel bags, which are generally styled to look like they’re not holding valuable electronics, are a great choice for those times. These compact bags feature shoulder straps that allow them to rest at your side or behind your back and also have a carrying handle if you’d like to carry them briefcase style.

Domke F-803

Available in a variety of colors, Domke’s F-803 is a stylish bag with two interior compartments, two expandable cargo pockets located under the top flap, and a rear slip pocket. The bag includes an insert to carry your camera, an extra lens or two and accessories. The insert can be removed quickly, allowing the bag to double as a bag to carry any sundry items you’d like to tote along with you for a day.

The bag’s strap is sewn in for a lifetime of use, and the carrying handle is reinforced with box stitching to ensure that it doesn’t rip away. Padded side walls protect the contents, and the bag is constructed from waterproof cotton canvas.

The F-803 is also available as part of Domke’s Waxwear line. This version of the satchel features a stunning dark brown color scheme with khaki straps. The canvas has been coated with waxes and oils, giving it a distressed look that makes it look like you’ve been breaking the bag in for years and years. If the oils start to wear off, fear not—Domke includes a tube of their special mixture that you can use to restore the bag to its original glory.

Tenba Black Label Photo Satchel Bag

Tenba’s take on the satchel bag can hold a DSLR with two or three lenses. The bag is black with matching military matte-black zippers, an internal floorboard with 1” of padding and removable padded dividers. Its large front accessory pocket has 10 compartments, perfect for small devices and accessories. Color-coded windows are available, allowing you to sort empty and full memory cards for quick access.

The bag is constructed from weather-resistant nylon. The shoulder strap is removable and adjustable, secured by steel TriAngle strap rings that allow you to adjust the bag to suit your preferences. The handle is sewn into the top flap, which securely closes via two plastic buckles.

OP/TECH USA 8” Accessory Pack

For those times when you want to pack light, consider OP/TECH USA’s 8” Accessory Pack. The compact bag is perfect for a point-and-shoot, Micro 4/3rds or rangefinder camera with a compact lens and accessories. The bag closes with a zipper and features two clear interior pockets for memory cards and other small items.

There's an adjustable shoulder strap as well as a handle for carrying. Five removable dividers allow you to customize the bag’s interior to best suit your needs. The bag is made of neoprene to better protect its contents from the elements. Best of all, it’s small enough to fit inside of a many a larger bag or backpack, allowing you to pack for longer trips and use it as a day bag for those times when you don’t feel like carrying all of your gear with you.

Other Options

While your options for satchel-style bags aren’t as endless as they are for traditional camera bags, B&H still offers several dozen from which to choose. You can browse the whole line to find the bag that best suits your needs.