Seven Terrific Gifts Under $50


Fifty dollars can be stretched in a lot of different ways these days. If you want to give an affordable and useful gift for the holidays, then take a look at this list. For even more deals, take a look at items you can get for under $20. Also, don't miss our 2010 holiday offers.


Transcend 16GB SDHC Card

This card will offer more memory than most people really need. For the momarazzi, dad taking photos of his child's first baseball swing, or the college student that loves to take pictures of everything at a party, this card will be a much appreciated gift. At the current price consumers can easily buy two of them, for even more space. 

Consider the fact that you may be going away on vacation for the holidays, away from your computer. One or two of these cards will be able to capture everything from those intimate celebrations, to Grandma drinking too much eggnog.

Sony MDR-V150

Don't take our word for it, check out reviews from our customers! For casual listening purposes or for practical field work applications, these headphones have been very well received. Besides their delivering excellent sound quality for the price, you'll be delighted to know that the Sony MDR-V150 headphones are also comfortable for long periods of wear. This is a great gift for the audiophile in your life.

They'll make a great gift for one who wants to tune out a loud co-worker.

Manfrotto 797 Modo Pocket Tabletop Tripod

Unfolded, the Manfrotto 797 Tabletop Tripod likens to a popular ship in Star Wars. However, this little gizmo is meant to hold almost every point-and-shoot camera. According to our customer reviews, it can even hold Micro Four Thirds cameras. Since the little trooper is so sturdy and compact, it may even find a permanant home attached to the bottom of your camera.

Lomography Fisheye 35mm Film Camera

A fixed-focus lens on this affordable point-and-shoot 35mm film camera gives a 170° field of view. The Fisheye is very simple: you load the film, turn the flash on or off, and shoot. Your pictures will have that unique Lomography look that is currently a huge trend in photography. For the artistic individual that you know, this camera will be a welcome gift.

ExpoImaging Rogue Flashbender

The larger version of the Rogue Flashbender is capable of performing a number of tasks. Keep it flat against the flash head, and you can turn the white surface into a softbox for fill lighting at an event or wedding. Bring the sides into the center, and close them up using the attached velcro to create a snoot for a spotlight effect. The Rogue Flashbender is a great item for portraits and product photography. It will be a welcome addition to your camera bag, and the versatility may even make it replace a number of other items in your camera bag.

Here's a listing of other bang-for-your-buck on-camera flash accessories.

Impact Beaded 43" Umbrella

For the photo experts in your family who have lights and strobes, this popular umbrella will help to give extra contrast to their photos. With a beaded reflective silver surface, it will also intensify and slightly soften the output of a light source. For the photographer on a budget, this is a cost-effective means of modifying your light in studio. Our customers seem to use it often for lighting backgrounds.

Pearstone Universal Duo TTL Cord

This cord is something special for any photographer with a flash. It has TTL capabilities. Simply put, that means that while the flash is connected to the cord, the photographer will be able to move the flash anywhere within range of the cord. Because of the TTL with the cord, the photographer will have an easier time being able to shoot a better looking photo.

Did we miss anything? What accessories can you recommend? Let us know in the comments down below.

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I'd like to recommend an 8th gift for under $50, especially for you: a copy of Strunk and White's "The Elements of Style." You (and your readers) would doubtless find it most beneficial.