Seven Ways You Know You Have a Love Affair with Your Camera


As photographers, we love our cameras. Some of us tend to love our cameras more than others—and express this affection in different ways. Sometimes, we don't even notice it! Here are a few ways you know that you have a love affair with your camera.

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- You feel dirty when you use other cameras, and get into heated wars with fanboys of other manufacturers.

- It spends more time with you than your partner, who is jealous of the camera.

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- One of your social-networking profile pictures is of you with your camera. In said photo, you tag the camera as "My Precious."

- When you don't have your camera on you, people always ask you, "Where is your camera?" as if you had a terrible tragedy happen to you as of late. Because of this, you are usually the photographer amongst friends and family.

Additionally, you get nightmares about a terrible accident happening to your camera.

- Your wardrobe choice is determined partially by how you'll be able to carry your camera: whether it is with a strap around your chest, stored in a coat pocket, a nice Eveready case, or in a stylish camera bag.

- You've got a tee-shirt that says something like, "I Heart My Camera" or "B&H Photo Video."

- You've got the B&H Photo Video catalog in the bathroom, or your spouse restricts how much time you spend on our website.

Do you have a love affair with your camera? How do you show it? Let us know in the comments below, and feel free to share your image links as well.

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I buy mine presents, extra batteries, accessories, etc...

I answererd YES to every question. :)

I worry more about my camera getting cold, wet, and dirty than I do about myself. 

I recently had a terrifying nightmare about my camera being destroyed haha

On really cold days I keep it in the bag when we're indoors so that it'll stay warmer longer when we go outside and on really sunny days I put polorizers on it like sun glasses.  Also, I keep the cover off the lense as much as possible, because it wants to see the world also! ;)

I keep it hanging on the neck of a blowup doll.

My cameras are my trusted travel friends, my cohorts in adventure and my advisors on my work.

They go everywhere with me, they have their own personalities and I lavish them with gifts.

My wife is the same way with hers, we're a Canon Couple.