Shutterbug: the Movie


Although you'd never be able to tell by watching the movie, Shutterbug's photographer, played by Nando Del Castillo, uses a Pentax camera. It's the S1a, a decades-old camera that's actually a family heirloom belonging to the movie's director, Minos Papas. Today (March 19, 2010) Shutterbug opened at Cinema Village in New York, and Papas told me that the camera was originally his father's.

Shutterbug is a contemporary drama, and the protagonist's use of film in a world that has embraced all-things-digital reflects the character's inner struggle to cope with change. The photographer uses two lenses: a Pentax 35mm and a Zenit 58mm. The latter is a Russian-made lens that's no longer available.

Despite his fascination with old-fashioned photography, Papas made the movie using a Panasonic HVX200, a pro high-def camcorder since superseded by the Panasonic AG-HVX200A. He says the footage was recorded on two Panasonic P2 memory cards. According to Papas, he bought the equipment at B&H, and he's been coming to B&H for years along with photographer Michael Radassao, who took production stills as the movie was shot around New York City.

Del Castillo plays Alex, a fashion photographer who looks into the sun with unforeseen consequences.