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Your camera's built-in flash is designed to replicate neutral color in your photographs, which means when you take pictures of Uncle Jake and Aunt Millie, their skin-tone shouldn't foretell a looming case of food poisoning or festering liver condition. But sometimes you need a break from the visual comfort of neutrality, and that's where Sticky Filters come into the picture (pun unintended, but I'm running with it anyway).

Available in 2 sizes - Large (2 x 3.25") for shoe-mounted speedlites, and Junior (0.5 x 1.5") for built-in, pop-up flashes, and point-and-shoot cameras, each filter kit contains pre-cut, tear-resistant polyester filters designed to balance the color of your flash to match the ambient color balance of Full-Tungsten, 0.5 Tungsten, Cool Flourescent, Average Flourescent, and a Hazy / Open Shade filter.  Two of each filter are included in each pack

Sticky Filters are ready-to-use out of the box, and they adhere to the front of the flash tube cover via a tacky adhesive strip that leaves no residue and is reusable multiple times.

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This will be a great addition to my camera bag. till now I've been carrying the Lumiquest gel holder and the strobist gel kit, it will be nice to be able to just carry the gels and slap em on as needed. Thanks

unfortunatly I dont wear glasses but maybe I'll pick up a chep pair of reading glasses and give it a try.


I appreciate your effort in the promotion of Sticky Filters, but I am afraid that you have totally missunderstood what Sticky Filters are used for.  At first glance it would seem that the filters are used to achieve exactly what you have described.  But why would someone pay $49.95 to make their flash photos look off-color or non-neutral when all they would have to do is set the WB wrong for free?

Sticky Filters are used to correct for the awful background color cast you get when shooting with a flash under artificial indoor illumination such as fluorescent or tungsten lamps.  I'm sure you have seen the orange color that is prevalent behind the subject in photos shot under tungsten lights.  Or the goofy yellow-green color in photos shot under fluorescent.  Sticky Filters help make the scene look neutral colored both at the subject and in the background.  This is achieved by selecting a Sticky Filter to match the dominate abient light of the scene, placing it over the flash and performing a custom white balance with the flash on.

There are other products out there that do the same thing, but what makes Sticky Filters unique is their simple and quick self-adhesive ability.  They don't require any dedicated filter attachment devices, rubber bands or velcro.  Just peel and stick.  When finished, return them to the storage card for safe keeping until needed again.  They can be used many many many times over.  Aslo, one set of filters will fit just about any hotshoe flash on the market so your Sticky Filters purchase dosn't become obsolete when you buy a different flash.   And they come with a lifetime replacement program.

I could go on and on explaining the uses of the Sticky Filters system, but readers would best be served by visiting the Sticky Filters website at  There you will see before and after photos and more in-depth use instructions.