Street Photography: NYC Above and Below


Camera always ready, Joe Josephs has compiled an expansive array of street shots—above as well as below ground. These images convey the city’s “all-too-human side, warts and all” as Joe likes to say. Novice as well as experienced street shooters will benefit by attending Joe’s street-photography workshop, in which he will discuss techniques and aesthetic issues related to capturing dramatic street images.

Topics that will be covered include:

• Street photography masters and why they matter
• The many definitions of street photography
• The three modes: storytelling, portraiture and documentation
• Street photography rules: when and why to break them (black and white vs. color, wide angle vs. telephoto)
• Technique and gear selection: how the situation determines equipment (and vice versa)
• Rules of engagement, a.k.a. guts, safety and respect

Street Photography Part 1
Street Photography Part 2

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