Test Charts for RED and 3D Cameras

Test charts are very similar to test patterns. Test patterns are complex images used to stress displays and reveal their weaknesses, and also to help calibrate them. Test charts are printed patterns used to reveal weaknesses in cameras, and also to help calibrate them. Here, we'll examine test charts used to test RED cameras and 3D cameras.


 DSC Labs’ RED Cambook is intended for use with RED cameras. The book of calibration and framing charts is used to match RED cameras and to calibrate them for accurate color reproduction and frame alignment. The washable book fits in a briefcase, making it useful on the road or in the studio.


The RED Cambook includes a ChromaDuMonde 28 chart. The chart helps generate precise hexagonal-shaped displays and helps calibrate a video camera's color and gamma settings using a vectorscope. Proper color and gamma levels ensure the accurate reproduction of skin tones and other colors that are difficult to replicate. Two special framing charts are included in the book. One has a CamWhite background, and the other has an 18% gray background.


DSC Labs’ Fairburn 3-D - Maxi is a 3D test chart for adjusting and aligning a wide range of 3D cameras. A 3D camera basically consists of two cameras that must be precisely aligned in order to achieve a 3D effect. The Fairburn 3D chart aids in horizontal and vertical alignment, using the white cross through middle of the chart. Focus fans in the corners of the chart ensure proper focusing. A zoom ring reveals zoom disparity in the camera’s focal length. Colored balls and white rings in the corners aid in keystone correction, while a horizontal scale in centimeters and inches shows the exact IO offset at parallel. A hexagonal ChromaDuMonde color reference in the center of the chart matches a vector scope orientation and is used to calibrate color levels. DSC Labs’ Fairburn 3-D – Senior is a smaller version of the same chart.